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Archetypal Preferences™ Report Debrief Certification

At a Glance

  • Three 4-hour live sessions
  • Delivered via live video for convenience, privacy and recording
  • $619 total for live sessions
  • APR report required pre-requisite (approx. $100 us).

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Archetypal Preferences™ Report Debrief Certification
Jun 16, 2022–Jun 30, 2022

Archetypes at Work™ is excited to present its new instrument, the Archetypal Preferences™ Report or APR.

Designed as a powerful supporting instrument for everyone working with people, the APR is a resource for coaching, consulting, and any helping profession, especially regarding leadership development. 

The APR is a state-of-the-art reference for everyone, offering an advanced sense of learning by way of a completely new approach to generate a reinvigorated world. 

For those clients who have seen it all, the APR positively influences your client’s life while being fun and effective to activate a highly creative response.

The APR is a tool incorporated with the Archetypes at Work™ approach, a cutting-edge method to assess and develop people and organizations to become fit for the future.

What is Archetypes at Work™?

The full suite of tools offers a comprehensive framework to recognize and understand 'what's really going on' in individuals, teams and larger organizational systems. 

Combining psychological depth with a unique creative experiential approach to personal and professional development, this system is practical and accessible.

Tested in the field, the APR offers leadership direction and guidance for today’s leaders because it accesses our innate full spectrum of perspectives and skills.

Archetype Preferences Debrief Report TM

First-rate leaders can access multiple parts of themselves, and the APR reveals areas of potential where your clients could further evolve.

After you successfully complete APR training and become a Certified APR Debriefer, you are listed as qualified to use the APR in your practice with your clients.

If you choose to train further and join the Archetypes at Work™ Guild, you receive discounts on Archetypes at Work™ materials that can help you in your practice.


For Leaders:

  • Identify your leadership strengths and what you bring most to your organization
  • Recognize areas to develop and enhance these qualities to become a more complete leader
  • Recognize personality traits in others and adapt your style to improve communication

For Organizations:

  • Develop a common language within teams
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in projects
  • Deepen understanding of workplace values and ethos
  • Build a culture of authentic feedback and communication

Archetypes at Work™ Pathways

For Leaders and Individuals: Online Immersion Programs

Find out how Archetypes can support growth in individuals and teams as they navigate their personal and professional lives. Our online immersion programs are designed for everybody. Whether you wish to explore one or two leading Archetypes and the pitfalls of presenting 'too much', or discover those more 'off-stage', and what happens when they don't show up, this deep dive into the 10 Archetypes will help master your own journey of self-development.

Use the Archetypes at Work™ method in your Practice

The Archetypes at Work™ Guild has been developed, so coaches, mentors and facilitators can successfully use the Archetypes in their own work. Use the Archetypes for your clients' own personal development journey and learn how to facilitate groups and teams within organizations and the professional development world. Discover the many benefits of the guild, including becoming a recognized practitioner.

Pathway to becoming an Archetypes at WorkGuild Member as a Practitioner

  • Min 5 completed Archetype Online Immersion workshops
  • Min 2 practitioner train (APR Debrief and either Facilitation or Coaching with Archetypes training)
  • Evaluated written 1000-word assessment
  • Existing experience as a practitioner or a professional

Product Details

$619 for the 12 hours of APR Debrief training plus a required APR for each participant (about $100 depending on exchange rate). It can be taken here and is required pre-reading.

Led by Adjunct Faculty Member:
Laurence Hillman, PHd.

Laurence Hillman Archetypes At Work

Archetypal Preferences™ Report Debrief Certification June 2022

Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

Jun 16, 2022–Jun 30, 2022

Thursdays, 8am-12pm US Pacific
June 16, June 23, and June 30.

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