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Be The Cause

Authentic Self Presence

Access the Path to Generative Wholeness

Polish your lens of authenticity as you engage in our signature program designed to liberate your essential self so that you enjoy your best life personally and professionally.

Authentic Self Presence at a Glance

  • Delivered via live video platform
  • A total of 30 contact learning hours delivered through 15 weekly 2-hour sessions in a live, virtual (video-based) course room setting.
  • A private cloud-based and password protected dashboard that stores all program materials and grants access to a wide variety of free resources and reinforcement materials.
  • An inclusive learning environment with a cohort of up to 12 peers to collaborate, practice and celebrate with during sessions and beyond.
  • Access to the global inviteCHANGE graduate community for a lifetime.

Upcoming Sessions

Authentic Self Presence Spring 2022
Apr 5, 2022–Jul 12, 2022

Authentic Self Presence Fall 2022
Sep 6, 2022–Dec 13, 2022

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Who This Program Serves

  • Leaders of people who desire to engage with more authenticity
  • Individuals seeking expanded artfulness as coach practitioners
  • Anyone interested in personal development toward a higher quality of life

Benefits – What You Get

Polish your lens of authenticity

Our signature program is designed to liberate your essential self so that you enjoy your best life personally and professionally. The most effective way to experience transformation - deep lasting change - is from the inside out. When you gain access to the core of who you are, you experience a sense of freedom. This supports you to make empowering choices rather than feel restricted as a prisoner of life circumstances. This new state of being allows you to be the creator and author of your life experience.

Become Sovereign

Being sovereign in our lives means being independent and in charge of our relationship with the conditions of our lives. When we act from sovereignty we strengthen our integrity and with this response-agility in any domain of life. Living sovereign is a life-long journey, always a practice, never a habit and rewarded by our vitality in living through unconditional self-love.

Gain a renewable foundation for fulfilled and generative living

The Authentic Self Presence learning experience occurs through a generative coaching process and is designed to teach you how to be the cause of your life on purpose, on your terms and authentically for the rest of your life.

Safely and gently explore your inner attitudes and beliefs to determine what propels you forward and what holds you back. Strengthen your way of perceiving your influence and impact so that you create a life of sustainable freedom. Appreciate and claim your ability to stand in the eye of who you truly are, no matter what opportunity or possibility you dream to pursue.

The Authentic Self Presence Curriculum

The focus of this course is a direct experience of the Generative Coaching approach with you as the recipient of both individual and group coaching. The content is devoted to your personal growth and development and introduces tools and processes to invite conscious, sustainable change. The experience will transform you in ways that create ease to fully embody your authentic presence and gain insight about how to invite and encourage the same in others.

What we know from nearly two decades of educating individuals in the professional coaching competencies is that the best coaches are dedicated to very high self-awareness and possess commitment and discipline for being a continuous learner of self over time. This program builds the very important mindset foundation for being a professional coach and applying that toward leadership of others in any setting.

This program is offered to the general public, as well as organizations, for effective personal development applied to the whole of life, personal and professional. Engaging life, inside out, based upon full awareness of each person’s authentic self is fundamental to continuously experience bringing all of you to all of your life.

Learning Outcomes

  • The variety of self-discovery activities assist each participant to invite conscious change in life with ease, confidence and satisfaction. You will experience multiple ways to tap into your inner wisdom, guidance, power and passion and translate this excavation into desired forward action.
  • Generate an essential vision and unique purpose statement for your life
  • Clarify personal values and apply this to align your choices and actions
  • Identify guiding principles and beliefs that fuel decisions for a meaningful life
  • Construct inspiring intentions for life that powerfully focus your attention
  • Learn the secret to living a vital, thriving, passionate life
  • Create a holistic, life-long tool for self-empowerment
  • Foster wholeness and balance in your life and enjoy sustainable excellence

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Course Details



$2,175 Paid in Full


$100 deposit with 4 monthly payments of $518.75

Customized payment plans can be made if combining supplemental programs with Credentialed Coach Pathway.

Forms of Payment, Cancellation & Refund Policy

Credit card payment is accepted by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Please review our Cancellation & Refund Policy for further details.

For The Boeing Company Employees

Registration Information

Authentic Self Presence Spring 2022

Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

Apr 5, 2022–Jul 12, 2022

April 5 - July 15, 2022
Tuesdays, 7pm-9pm US Eastern

Authentic Self Presence Fall 2022

Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

Sep 6, 2022–Dec 13, 2022

Sep 6 - December 13, 2022
Tuesdays, 7pm-9pm US Eastern

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