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Advance as Coach

Authentic Self Presence

Program at a Glance

  • Inclusive learning environment with a cohort of up to 16 peers to collaborate, practice and celebrate with during sessions and beyond.
  • 18 contact learning hours delivered through 9 weekly 2-hour sessions in a live, virtual (video-based) course room setting.
  • Engage with peer partners to support co-creation of a life map plan at completion.
  • Private cloud-based dashboard for materials and program information.
  • ICF coach practitioners earn 14 ICF CCE core competency units and 4 resource development units
  • $1750 all inclusive
  • Optional Add-On courses support life integration as 12 hours of learning in either a self-managed format or a group coaching format, $1,165.

A New Approach to Personal Change

Access the path to Generative Wholeness. Polish your lens of authenticity as you engage in our signature program designed to liberate your essential authenticity. Learn how to enjoy your best life personally and professionally as you gain a renewable foundation for fulfilling and generative living.

Enjoy a direct experience of our Generative Coaching approach. Be the recipient of both individual and group coaching devoted to your personal growth and development. Explore and gain access to tools and processes to invite conscious, sustainable change, as you create an invitation for your clients to experience liberation too.

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    Upcoming Sessions

    Authentic Self Presence Fall 2023
    Sep 20, 2023–Nov 15, 2023


    • Individuals seeking artful generativity as coach practitioners
    • Leaders seeking to engage in professional life with more authenticity
    • Anyone interested in personal development toward a higher quality of life
    • Coach practitioners who envision liberating authenticity as a central client offer

    The Program Learning Experience

    The experience transforms your experience of daily life in ways that create ease to fully embody your authentic presence and gain insight about how to invite and encourage the same in others. Safely and gently explore your inner attitudes and beliefs to determine what propels you forward and what holds you back. Strengthen your way of perceiving your influence and impact so that you create a life of sustainable freedom. Appreciate and claim your ability to stand in the eye of who you truly are, no matter what opportunity or possibility you dream to pursue.

    Strengthen the important mindset foundation for being a professional coach and applying that toward leadership of self and others in any setting. Learn how to engage life, inside out, based upon full awareness of each person’s authentic self. Adopt a new approach to consciously choose your relationship with your life circumstances, and continuously experience bringing all of you to all your life. Discover and adopt methods that evoke awareness, commitment to act and motivation to sustain generative living, authentic and sovereign with every choice.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Excavate your life experience through multi-sensory and spiritual practices that cultivate inner wisdom to embody greater wholeness.

    • Broaden access to somatic and emotional and intuitive perceiving that strengthens comfort with uncertainty, the source to experience what is emergent.

    • Claim the traits that are your essence and generate unique pathway practices for your life to unfold, inside-out from your authentic self.

    • Translate your personal experience into processes to engage with clients who seek to live an authentic life.

    LAP block

    Authentic Self Presence ~ Continuous Learning

    Options below are available after main 18 hour program complete:

    Option A: Learning Cloud Course for Life Map Planning ~ 12 CCE $1,165

    • Explore Life Wheel as a process to invite change through the Intention-Choice-Action technique

    • Access three hours of 1:1 Coaching support to transform limiting beliefs blocking movement to desired experience.

    Option B: Mastermind Coaching for Life Map Planning ~ 12 CCE $1,165

    • Explore Life Wheel as a process to invite change through the Intention-Choice-Action technique during peer-to-peer group coaching, and as desired, peer pair coaching to practice and integrate learning (self-scheduled)

    • Collaborate within the cohort to customize generative methods for application with clients.

    Meet Our Delivery Leaders

    Program Details



    $1,750* full payment OR $100** deposit with 2 monthly payments of $825

    Tuition and Payment Options: Please contact our Customer Care Associate.

    *Full Payment due prior to program start date
    **Payment plans begin on the 1st business day of the month in which your enrolled program begins.

    • There is no penalty for early payment of tuition in advance.
    • Payment plans may also be negotiated to begin in advance of the program start date to reduce monthly payment amounts.

    Authentic Self Presence Fall 2023

    Sep 20, 2023–Nov 15, 2023

    1:30 - 3:30 US Eastern
    Weekly on Wednesdays

    For The Boeing Company Employees

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