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Advance as Coach

Certified Generative Coach

Program at a Glance

  • 130 Contact Learning Hours to earn an ICF-PCC credential award at 500 client coaching hours.
  • Delivered in English via 2-hour live video sessions by ICF-PCC and MCC Credentialed Coaches.
  • Peer Coaching Program for risk-free practice
  • Group and Individual Mentor Coaching (Satisfies ICF Required 10 Hours)
  • Tailored ICF Core Competency skill and behavior development to the ICF-PCC standard in advance of client experience.
  • Foundational curriculum for inviteCHANGE Generative Coaching methods.
  • $14,350 all-inclusive
International Coaching Federation ICF Level 2 Accredited Education Provider

Become a Certified Generative Coach

Your friends and colleagues come to you often and appreciate that you listen and care. Maybe they even tell you, “You should be a coach!” You see the research and know that to succeed as a leader in today’s hybrid, digital world, you must strengthen your relational and social connection skills. You are wondering how you learn to see others more deeply and fully hear what’s important to them, and be confident, professional, and credible as a coach.

Learn to embody a generative coaching mindset and apply ICF Core Competency skills whether you want to coach on your own, inside of your company, or as a supervisor or leader. This program design supports progressive development of confident competence with weekly 2-hour live sessions, asynchronous learning on your own time artfully woven into the curriculum flow, peer coaching practice outside of class, and personalized mentor coaching.

Designed in a 2-part curriculum, the program supports you to demonstrate at the ACC level after Part 1 (ICF Level 1 curriculum) and be prepared for PCC demonstration after Part 2 (full ICF level 2 curriculum).

Our signature Generative Coaching methods provide you with a unique way to amplify the core competency skills with clients who are seek ways to be more purposeful, face change confidently and sustain personal and professional excellence today and in the future.

Who This Program Serves:

  • People who are new to coaching or are practicing as a coach and who have not yet earned an ICF credential.
  • ICF credentialed coaches, at the ICF-ACC, Associate Certified Coach level, who desire to develop confident competence essential to earn the ICF-PCC, Professional Certified Coach credential award.
  • Practicing coaches or leaders who coach since completing a 60-hour coaching training identified as ICF-ACTSH, Approved Coach Specific Training Hours or ICF-Level 1 curriculum and desire to develop skills and earn the ICF-PCC, Professional Certified Coach credential award.
  • Individuals who seek to learn and develop an effective foundation of coaching skills, knowledge, mindset, and effective partnering practices for your clients to achieve the success they desire and sustain that change when they engage with you.

Upcoming Sessions

There are currently no upcoming sessions.

Custom cohort schedule available for Leaders & Teams with 6+ participants. Find out more here or call 877-228-2622 Ext. 233.

Benefits – What You Get

IGC S Kills Transparent

Experience the inviteCHANGE Generative Coaching Approach

Tap into 27 years of ICF accredited curriculum delivered by practicing ICF Credentialed leaders with development-focused mentor coaching expertise and passion for generative adult learning. Gain access to a vibrant global community of active practitioners who generously share their experiences to support your learning, growth and change essential to achieve the professional success you envision and desire.

IAM Model 2021

Experience inviteCHANGE Generative Coaching as you develop your own, unique and artful expression for being generative with clients.

Awaken access to your authentic self through our Generative Wholeness™ methodology. Experience this directly as you also learn to embody the methods with the clients you choose to serve. Through experiential adult learning that is rigorous, thorough, and progressive development you gain confident competence to last a lifetime, as a coach and a human being


Demonstrate ICF Professional Certified Coach Level of Proficiency in the Globally Recognized ICF Core Competencies

Be eligible to earn an ICF credential award and step onto the path of lifetime learning and growth as a professional coach, loving your life’s work. Join membership in the largest and global body of professional coaches who proudly stand for ethical conduct and through your services to clients, for network collaboration and opportunities for creative and productive engagements.

I chose inviteCHANGE after a lot of research. I wanted something that had the reputation, had the track record. I also talked to a lot of different coaches. ...Without fail, everybody that went through the inviteCHANGE program had nothing but 'thumbs up.'

Sandy Stamato

I left the program with a lot of confidence in my skills as a coach, and even more importantly I left the program with a deep level of trust in myself. I was able to find the courage to make some pretty big leaps in life.

Elizabeth Kingsley

The Learning Experience

Prepare to learn

Embody the coach mindset

Develop coaching communication

Facilitate learning and be generative

Earn your ICF credential

Part 1: Being Professional Coaches

  • This 60-hour curriculum offers a highly collegial and collaborative environment through which participants gain both skills and confidence to facilitate and navigate any type of coaching session, and a coaching relationship over time.
  • The learning includes best practices to establish and maintain relationships whether engaged as an external coach for the public and enterprises or applying coaching internally with an enterprise as a leader and/or internal coach practitioner.
  • When you reach completion of the program, you are confidently competent assisting your clients to achieve sustainable change, and once the minimum client coaching hours experience is achieved (100 hours with 8 clients), participants are prepared for ICF ACC credential demonstration and knowledge assessment to earn that credential award.

Part 2: Being Sovereign Coaches

  • This 70-hour curriculum advances development of a generative coaching mindset and expands foundational skills to embodiment of personal and professional sovereignty, authenticity in presence and partnering, and adoption of the full range of Generative Coaching models and techniques.
  • ICF Core Competency skills demonstration amplifies as participants embody a unique signature as a coach and evoke sustained excellence with clients. You gain ICF-PCC-level competence in all the ICF Core Competency skills for application in any content or chosen client identity.
  • Tailored group and individual mentor coaching through a disciplined Coach Development Plan prepares you to submit client session recordings for assessment that earns the ICF PCC credential award as soon as the client coaching hours requirement is met (500 hours with 25 clients).
BGPC 1 Stages
BGPC 2 Stages

Program Enrollment



$14,350* full payment OR **$100 deposit plus $950 per month for 15 months.


Please note: Washington State requires us to maintain a 5 day waiting period after registration is complete.

*Full Payment due prior to program start date
**Payment plans begin on the 1st business day of the month in which your enrolled program begins.

  • Completion Certificates will be issued only when full tuition amount is paid.
  • There is no penalty for early payment of tuition in advance.

Tuition and Payment Options: Please contact our Customer Care Associate.

60 HOUR PART 1 ONLY registration available here

70 HOUR PART 2 ONLY registration available here

For The Boeing Company Employees

Registration Information

Certified Generative Coach Spring 2022 Morning Cohort

Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

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  • Understand how to build a coaching practice and business you will love for a lifetime.

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