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Coaching Supervision

Coaching Supervision

At a Glance

  • Group and Individual Coaching Supervision formats available
  • Mix and match to satisfy the ICF requirement for a total of 10 hours with any credential application.
  • Access to 3 Accredited Coaching Supervisors to tailor your experience
  • Delivered via live video for convenience, privacy and recording
  • From $350 per Individual session hour to $1575 for 7 Group session hours

Strengthen your quality and ethical maturity as a professional coach.

Coaching Supervision is a safe forum for coaches and leaders to reflect on all aspects of their professional work, including areas of strength to leverage as well as areas to develop. The supervisor facilitates learning and development through dialogue and reflection. A coach supervisor is a peer with specific training to support reflection on client engagements exploring ethical issues and effective relationship management that drives quality and sustainable excellence.

The Coaching Supervision Experience

The purpose of coaching supervision is to hear what a coach-client perceives as their source of quality and ethical foundation. Contracting and relationship management are continuous processes, influenced externally in many ways and often the primary source of relationship breakdowns. 

Partnering with an accredited coaching supervisor, in either individual or group format, cultivates self-awareness and broadens your confidence and your presence within a client session and client relationships over time. Within a safe, confidential peer based partnership, a coach-client can engage in deeper self-reflection, self-learning, and self-regulation across all clients they engage. 

  • A Coaching Supervisor is... A wise and trusted support influencing and inspiring excellence, quality and ethical practice as a professional coach. 

  • A Coaching Supervisor embodies… A commitment in equal parts to collegial partnership, synergy and excellence, contributing to a dynamic legacy that serves the future of professional coaching with integrity, rigor and passion.

Individual Coaching Supervision:

Engaging with a coaching supervisor creates opportunities for continuous learning through the exploration of inner landscape, sources of well-being, and choices for restoring professional vitality.  Coaches and clients alike operate and live within systems and it is important to reflect upon each of these perspectives and the multiple influences that shape experience and quality. Sessions are available from any one of 3 Accredited Coaching Supervisors. A private online Dashboard provides access to video and written profiles to make your selection, as well as schedule and exchange materials for each session you engage in. 

Group Coaching Supervision:

One, 1-hour session is dedicated to cohort cohesion and establishes the process elements for the four, 90-minute sessions as well as a review of ethical conduct for coaching supervision, including confidentiality policy, and ways of working to generate safety for vulnerability and learning. Each session is dedicated to content requested in rotation, by each of the participants. Typical content includes: personal reflections on practice, ethical dilemmas, contractual conversations, challenges and roadblocks in client work, a particular critical incident with a client/client organization or generally in a coach’s body of work. 

Learning Outcomes

Course 5
  • Become aware of relevant strengths and areas to strengthen and gain more confidence to incorporate into coaching work.
  • Experience a safe environment for self-reflection and sharing about challenges as a coaching professional so that through the sharing, insight and learning emerges that may be incorporated to work outside of sessions.
  • Contribute to a time period for deep conversation and creating thinking that integrates mind, body, heart and spirit into a more whole perspective.
  • Contain and resolve emotional barriers and mental blinders that evoke frustration, uncertainty, doubt and ruptures in client relationships.

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Product Details


$350 per hour-long session


$1575 for 7 Group session hours

Pay in full or pay $100 deposit with 2 equal payment

Individual Coaching Supervision

Sep 1, 2021–Sep 1, 2022

After purchasing, you will be set up with a dashboard allowing you to review available coaches, select your coach(s), and schedule with them directly

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