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Advance as Coach

Generative Team Coaching Certification

Program at a Glance

  • Focused application of ICF Team Coaching Competency skills and behaviors for working in a one-to-many context (teams and groups).
  • Offered in three parts for a total of 70 contact learning hours including 6 mentor coaching hours and 10 hour of team coaching supervision.
  • Advanced curriculum for inviteCHANGE Generative Coaching methods applied in any ‘one-to-many’ relationship context.
  • Delivered in English via live ZOOM course room.
  • Prerequisite: ICF Accredited coaches with minimum 300 client coaching hours experience
  • Part 1: $4200 USD
  • Part 2: $2100 USD
  • Part 3: $2250 USD
AATC Full Color

Engage teams in the workplace with the opportunity for breakthrough accountability and productivity

Team Coaching is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the coaching profession. Many interventions are available for improving teamwork, group dynamics, creating team charter, vision, and work plans. Like many processes and tools available for human development, organizations struggle to discover consistently effective methods for experiencing success. Why? A tension between individual and collective contribution generates a lot of undesirable behavior that negatively impacts organizational outcomes.

Whether you’re already serving teams, or new to this application of coaching, the experiential design of this program will expand your finesse and enliven your skill set as you engage with peers in deepening ICF Team Coaching Competency skills with particular emphasis on the application within the system of an enterprise of any kind. This program offers expansive knowledge and practical skill building. Real time written and verbal feedback about your development occurs within a generative learning laboratory setting.

Heart of Team Sovereignty


  • ICF certified coaches seeking to develop competence and confidence to engage in a one-to-many context with teams and groups.
  • Coach practitioners seeking continuing coaching education to renew a credential award.
  • Participants in this program must have earned an ICF credential award, be in good standing, and possess client coaching hours experience of at least 300 hours. Prior team coaching hours experience is not required.

The Program Learning Experience

The program experience intends to develop your confident competence as a generative coach, applied through any ‘one-to-many’ relationship with people over time, in any organizational context. The program design offers multiple opportunities for practice, reflection, and feedback through being a living team as a peer cohort and tailored individual mentor coaching that supports direct application of learning with your team coaching clients.

Part 1 – Foundations

    • Discover how to leverage current coaching competency with new skills focused upon engaging in any ‘one-to-many’ relationship context.
    • Build awareness about the influence of systems upon team effectiveness and why this is relevant as a team coach.
    • Learn the important elements for maintaining an effective coaching relationship with the sponsor and team members.
    • Explore and incorporate generative coaching principles and methods with ICF team coaching competency skills.
    • Apply multi-dimension perceiving to witness the collective will of a team.
    • Synthesize patterns of meaning to source empowering questions that create awareness for all members.
    • Make visible the invisible communication and interaction patterns in a team and the related impact on trust-building.
    • Explore the impact of and the indicators for social and task behaviors when present and when absent in a team field.

Part 2 – System Level Influence on Teams

    • Understand the relevant influence of culture dynamics and leader-generated climate upon team effectiveness.
    • Notice and name sources of breakdown in teams and how to generate breakthrough that activates synergy.
    • Practice with methods to collect team effectiveness data that supports a useful team coaching plan and experience.
    • Gain awareness for measuring progress and sustaining quality and ethical practice in any ‘one-to-many’ relationship context.

Part 3 – Team Coaching Supervision

    • Become aware of relevant strengths and areas to strengthen and gain more confidence with engaging in any ‘one-to-many’ contact through an ethical and artful team coach presence.
    • Experience a safe environment for self-reflection and sharing about challenges as a team coaching professional so that through the sharing, insight and learning emerges that reveals new choices for contracting and engagement.
    • Contribute to deep conversation and creative thinking with peers about the influence of team systems and member dynamics that activate the team coach’s mind, body, heart, and spirit, revealing the ways that bias interferes with a presence that engages through wholeness and sovereignty.
    • Contain and resolve emotional barriers and mental blinders that evoke frustration, uncertainty, doubt, and ruptures in teams’ experiences as a restorative process for team coaches to also restore and sustain healthy, ‘one-to-many’ relationships.

Meet Our Delivery Leaders

Program Details

Take all 3 parts under ICF AATC accreditation, or take each component as CCE credits. 

Curriculum Delivery: Part 1

  • 24 Hours of Synchronous Learning delivered in 10, two-hour weekly sessions which includes simulation learning in peer teams with delivery leader live and written feedback; including 4 hours of individual mentor coaching that tailor learning to individual practice and chosen customer base.
  • 16 Hours of Asynchronous Learning delivered through a set of reading, writing, and reflective journaling assignments submitted, reviewed, and approved for verification of learning.
  • Includes TILT365 True Tilt Profile and Positive Influence Predictor tools to strengthen conscious awareness for how to embody a coaching mindset in any ‘one-to-many’ relationship context and strengthen agility and confidence when working within a system.

    Curriculum Delivery: Part 2

    • 16 Hours of Synchronous Learning delivered in 7, two-hour, bi-weekly sessions. The timing of this second CCE program supports participants as they deliver team coaching under contract with a specific customer, including 2 hours of individual mentor coaching that tailor learning to individual practice and chosen customer base plus applying the learning from the program in fulfillment of the completion requirement to achieve a minimum of 6 hours of team coaching delivery.
    • 4 Hours of Asynchronous Learning delivered through written and reflective journaling assignments submitted, reviewed, and approved for verification of learning.

    Curriculum Delivery: Part 3 (Optional if not pursuing ICF AATC training)

    • 10 total hours of live synchronous Team Coaching Supervision


    Candidates demonstrate a minimum of 300 hours of client experience plus evidence of ICF accredited coach specific education and certification.


    40 Contact Learning Hours – $4,200

    Pay in full or $100 deposit plus $1,367 per month for 3 months


    20 Contact Learning Hours – $2,100

    Pay in full or $100 deposit plus $500 per month for 4 months


    10 Team Coaching Supervision Hours – $2,250

    Pay in full or $100 deposit plus $717 per month for 3 months

    AATC Full Color

    For The Boeing Company Employees

    Registration Information

    Generative Team Coaching Certification Part 2

    Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

    Sep 18, 2023–Dec 11, 2023

    Every other Monday, 10:30am-12:30pm US Eastern

    Generative Team Coaching Certification Fall 2023

    Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

    Sep 20, 2023–Jul 3, 2024

    Part 1: September 20 - November 29, Wednesdays from 10:30am - 12:30pm, skips 11/22
    Part 2: January 17 - April 10, 2024, every other Wednesdays from 10:30am - 12:30pm
    Part 3: May 22, 2024 - July 3, 2024, every Wednesday from 10:30am - 12:30pm

    Generative Team Coaching Part 3 - Team Coaching Supervision

    Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

    Jan 29, 2024–Mar 18, 2024

    January 29: 10:30am-11:30am US Eastern
    February 5 - March 18, 10:30am-12pm, skips 2/19

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