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Be The Cause

Generative Team Coaching

Generative Team Coaching

Program at a Glance

  • Focused application of ICF Core Competency skill and behavior to working with teams
  • For coaches with minimum 300 client hours
  • Advanced curriculum for inviteCHANGE Generative Coaching methods
  • Delivered in a mixture of two-hour weekly sessions, weekend intensive, and recurring community of practice sessions
  • Includes TILT365 True Tilt Profile and Positive Influence Predictor tools
  • 3 hours of one-on-one mentor coaching to support tailoring learning to your individual practice
  • 36 Contact Learning Hours over 3 months
  • Delivered via live ZOOM Classroom
  • $3,750 all inclusive

Engage teams in the workplace with the opportunity for breakthrough accountability and productivity

Team Coaching is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the coaching profession. Many interventions are available for improving teamwork, group dynamics, creating team charter, vision and work plans. Like many processes and tools available for human development, organizations struggle to discover consistently effective methods for experiencing success. Why? A tension between individual and collective contribution generates a lot of undesirable behavior by leaders and team members that negatively impacts organizational outcomes.

Whether you’re already serving teams or you are new to this application of coaching, the experiential design of this program will expand your finesse and enliven your skill set as you engage with peers in deepening ICF Core Competency with particular emphasis on the organizational application with teams. This program offers expansive knowledge and skill building within a powerful and generative learning laboratory setting.

Upcoming Sessions

Generative Team Coaching
Mar 24, 2022–Aug 11, 2022

Benefits – What You Get

Benefit 1

Engage with a credible partner.

Learn from practitioners with more than 2 decades of experience applying these methodologies with teams and groups across industries and organizational size.

Benefit 2

Strengthen your competitive advantage

Extend your artful coaching beyond one-on-one to include one-to-many, empowering team leaders and all their teams to claim and use their unique strengths and potential.

Benefit 3

Experience courageous coaching through a new way of being with teams

The future belongs to how well groups of people work together and redefine purpose in their work.

The GTC Curriculum

This advanced coach training program offers professional development to expand coaching applications from one-to-one into one-to-many clients and environments. Professional presence and influence style are central to being with a collective in an effective way. Understanding how a collection of people work toward a shared purpose is foundational to using that influence to improve and sustain high performance. The program borrows generously from the fields of organizational and leadership development as well as theories about group dynamics, the development arc of teams over time and organizational health and culture. The new ICF Team Core Competencies are fully integrated into the curriculum.

Development begins with an individual mentor coaching session that tailors a participant’s development focus to fully embody a coaching mindset when coaching in a one-to-many environment, and to align with their unique set of clients.  This is followed with an influence predictor inventory to discover what to strengthen in their presence as a coach in order to meet a diverse client base with equity and inclusion.  A third session occurs at mid-point to plan application of the program learning with their clients, and to accelerate the integration of the ICF team core competencies and inviteCHANGE generative team coaching mindset, skills and behaviors. 

Coach development through live simulation of team coaching translates knowledge into practice with real-time supportive developmental feedback. Exploration and mastermind discussions occur to identify leading practices in establishing and maintaining agreements, sponsor relationship management, team leader coaching, strengthening team cohesion and sovereign, and measurement of team effectiveness over time. Templates and tools such as team sovereignty and team engagement assessment are provided for participant use and personal branding as they may wish. 

Learning Outcomes

GT Block

The program experience intends to develop your confident competence as a generative coach one-to-many with people over time, in an organizational context. The program design offers multiple opportunities for practice, reflection and feedback through being a living team as a peer cohort.

    Stage 1 – Foundations

    • Discover how to leverage current coaching competency with new skills focused upon engaging in a one-to-many context.
    • Build awareness about the influence of systems upon team effectiveness and why this is relevant as a team coach.
    • Learn the important elements for maintaining an effective coaching relationship with the sponsor and team members.
    • Explore and incorporate generative coaching principles and methods with ICF team coaching competency skills.

    Stage 2 – Simulation Learning

    • Apply multi-dimension perceiving in order to witness the collective will of a team.
    • Synthesize patterns of meaning to source empowering questions that create awareness for all members.
    • Make visible the invisible communication and interaction patterns in a team and the related impact on trust-building.
    • Explore the impact of and the indicators for social and task behaviors when present and when absent in a team field.

    Stage 3 – Community of Practice

    • Understand the relevant influence of culture dynamics and leader-generated climate upon team effectiveness.
    • Notice and name sources of breakdown in teams and how to generate breakthrough that activates synergy.
    • Practice with methods to collect team effectiveness data that supports a useful team coaching plan and experience.
    • Gain awareness for measuring progress and sustaining quality and ethical practice in a one-to-many context.

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Program Details


Program tuition: $3750

Delivered in three parts: 4 weekly 120-minute virtual course room experiences as a “living team”. The second is 2 intensive weekend sessions. The third part is a Community of Practice, group coaching experience delivered six times over 15 weeks, in a two-hour online sessions.

Candidates demonstrate a minimum of 300 hours of client experience plus evidence of ICF accredited coach specific training and certification.

Includes 3 hours of one-to-one coaching and TILT365 tools

For The Boeing Company Employees

Registration Information

Generative Team Coaching Spring 2022

Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

Mar 24, 2022–Aug 11, 2022

March 24-April 14: Weekly
5/12, 5/26, 6/9, 6/30, 7/21, + 8/12
Thursdays 10am-12pm US Eastern
April 23 and 30: Saturdays 9:30am-3pm

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