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Be The Cause

Certification for Mentor Coaching

Certification for Mentor Coaching

Program at a Glance

  • Focused skill and behavior development to provide effective development feedback based upon the ICF Core Competencies at all credential levels
  • Advanced curriculum for inviteCHANGE Mentor Coaching Competencies
  • Delivered via 2-hour live video sessions by ICF-MCC Credentialed Coaches
  • 36 Contact Learning Hours over 6 months to earn CCE units (32.5 CC, 3.5 RD)
  • Group Mentor Coaching (Satisfies 7 of the ICF Required 10 Hours)
  • Peer Triad Mentor Coaching Program for risk-free practice
  • $3,750 all inclusive

Mentor Coaching to Generate Coach Development

Enjoy a generative learning laboratory with seasoned colleagues developing specific Mentor Coaching competencies. Extensive opportunities are provided to learn in diverse ways including reading, written self-reflection, discussion with feedback, observation with debrief, fishbowl practice with verbal reflections and fieldwork experiences for safe experimentation.

Each sessions offers the opportunity to experience, learn, apply and receive developmental feedback that accelerates your integration of this advanced approach to mentor coaching.

Expand both knowledge and skill building for translating the ICF Core Competencies into practical, developmental learning for coaches seeking any level of ICF credential.

You will also gain tools, resources and processes to establish a valuable, new service offer for your coaching business.

The CMC Journey: How to Travel

Upcoming Sessions

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Flow through 2 Stages: Part 1-4 Weekly Sessions, Part 2-10 Bi-Weekly Sessions

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Amplify Your Learning with Reading and Reflection

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Support Your Learning with Fieldwork and Assignments

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Transform Your Coaching and Mentor Coaching Processes with Supplemental Resources

Benefits – What You Get

Benefit 1

Experience the inviteCHANGE Mentor Coaching Competencies

Tap into 25 years of mentor coaching through the ICF-accredited curriculum by our ICF MCC Credentialed delivery leaders with mentor coach expertise and passion for generative adult learning.

Benefit 2

Demonstrate Proficiency in the Globally Recognized inviteCHANGE Mentor Coaching Competencies

Earn your status as a Certified Mentor Coach and join membership in a globally recognized graduate community for network collaboration and opportunities for creative and productive engagements.

Benefit 3

Develop your own, unique and artful expression for being a mentor coach that supports others in the lifelong journey of learning

Awaken access to your inner coach observer and the confident ability to translate what you witness into developmental feedback that others receive with respect, collegiality and openness to learn and stretch to their next best level of coaching with their clients

The CMC Curriculum

This program is designed for coach practitioners who seek to work as Mentor Coaches in the world and wish to receive training in those specific competencies. inviteCHANGE pioneered both competencies and a training program for this purpose based upon 20 years of coach education and training as an ICF Accredited Coach Training Provider. The competency model was introduced to the global market in 2008 and contributed to the foundation ICF uses today to define effective mentor coaching.

This is a rigorous program that focuses on the ICF Core Competency model and the inviteCHANGE Mentor Coaching Competency model simultaneously. Your time spent in self-reflection in between sessions about session learning, fieldwork application and peer interactions determine the pace and depth of integration that occurs for you.

During the first four, weekly sessions, the cohort builds cohesion while learning and witnessing the competency model and developmental feedback approach being applied by the delivery leaders.  In the subsequent ten, bi-weekly sessions, participants engage with each other every via live video via Zoom, an Internet-based audio and visual platform.

Through reading, written self-reflection, discussion and demonstration during peer learning labs, participants will engage multiple learning styles in order to embody best practices and characteristic behaviors of Mentor Coaches.

An additional element invites engagement in peer triads outside of sessions during the week in between sessions. Peer interaction allows for safe experimentation with the mentor coach competencies. In addition, you enjoy an opportunity to oral developmental feedback for each coach that complements your learning for how to deliver, stage-appropriate, reflections that strengthen a practitioner's demonstration of the ICF competencies, and opens a clear and reasonable path for stretch development.

Participants are also supported with forms and recommended processes for establishing Mentor Coaching as a line of business with individuals and groups.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build confident competence in seven specific Mentor Coaching Competencies through direct engagement, practice and developmental feedback.
  • Develop thorough understanding for methods to engage in developmental dialogue based upon the ICF Core Competencies at each ICF Credential level.
  • Expand your awareness, mindset and skills through reading, weekly self-reflection, session discussion and demonstration, and peer learning labs.
  • Apply and strengthen ways to engage multiple learning styles in order to embody best practices and characteristic behaviors of Certified Mentor Coaches.
  • Observe demonstration, feedback delivery and discussion for application of Mentor Coaching Competencies during weekly mentor coaching laboratory sessions.
  • Engage in a peer triad fieldwork process to safely practice and implement learning from the sessions for both oral and written, developmental feedback preparation.
  • Explore and receive template forms and process suggestions to support your creation and delivery of Mentor Coaching services to individuals and for groups of coaches.

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Program Details


36 Contact Learning Hours (28 synchronous, 8 asynchronous)

- 32.5 Core Competency

- 3.5 Resource Development

$3,750* full payment OR **$100 deposit plus $750 per month for 5 months

*Full Payment due prior to program start date
**Payment plans begin on the 1st business day of the month in which your enrolled program begins.

  • Completion Certificates are issued only when full tuition amount is paid.
  • There is no penalty for early payment of tuition in advance.

Tuition and Payment Options: Please contact our Customer Care Associate.

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