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Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching

At a Glance

  • Focused ICF Core Competency skill and behavior development
  • Access to 12 Certified Mentor Coaches to tailor your experience
  • Delivered via live video for convenience, privacy and recording
  • Group and Individual Mentor Coaching; mix and match to satisfy the ICF requirement for a total of 10 hours with any credential application.
  • Tools to prepare, submit and succeed with an ICF credential application
  • From $350 per Individual session hour to $1275 for 7 Group Mentor Coaching hours (can be used as CCE hours for renewal)

Connect To Your Mastery and Unique Coaching Style

Cultivate your inner coach awareness and strengthen lifelong learning by focusing on development rather than assessment.

No matter what stage of the professional coaching journey you are at right now – the beginning, ready for the next credential, renewal of a credential, seeking to breakthrough a plateau and return to joy in your work – engaging with an inviteCHANGE Certified Mentor Coach is a satisfying solution.

The Mentor Coaching Experience

Our philosophy and approach for mentor coaching was pioneered after 20 years of delivering coach certification training and has been the leading edge for mentor coaching processes since 2007.

  • A Mentor Coach is... A wise and trusted advisor influencing and inspiring excellence in ICF core competency development for other coaches.
  • A Mentor Coach embodies… A commitment in equal parts to collegial partnership, synergy and excellence, contributing to a dynamic legacy that serves the future of professional coaching with integrity, rigor, and passion.

Individual Mentor Coaching

  • 1 Hour Sessions are available from any one of our Certified Mentor Coaches.
  • A private online Dashboard provides access to video and written profiles to make your selection, as well as schedule and exchange materials for each session you engage.
  • Upload, transcribe and annotate your 30 minute coaching sessions on your private dashboard using our integration with Raenotes.com.

Group Mentor Coaching

  • Sessions occur in groups of 3 to 6 people.
  • One, 1-hour session is dedicated to cohort cohesion and establishes the process elements for the cohort.
  • Five, 90-minute sessions that focus on each of the four clusters of the ICF Core Competency model plus preparation for submission of a credential application.

Meet Our Mentor Coaches

Product Details


Individual Mentor Coaching

$350 per hour-long session

Purchase your desired quantity up to 10 sessions

Group Mentor Coaching

$1275 for 7 Group session hours

Pay in full, or $100 deposit with two payments of $587.50.

Groups will be split up based on credential and desired purpose of mentor coaching (subject to enrollment):
- Those seeking first credential
- ACC seeking to renew or develop
- PCC seeking to renew or develop
- PCC seeking new credential and MCC seeking renewal

Individual Mentor Coaching

Jan 1, 2022–Jan 1, 2027

After purchasing, you will be set up with a dashboard allowing you to review available coaches, select your coach(s), and schedule with them directly.

Group Mentor Coaching

Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

Apr 18, 2023–May 23, 2023

Weekly on Tuesdays
April 18: 7:30-8:30pm US Eastern
April 25 - May 23: 7:30-9p US Eastern

Group Mentor Coaching

Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

Sep 26, 2023–Oct 31, 2023

Weekly on Tuesdays
September 26: 7:30-8:30pm US Eastern
October 3 - 31: 7:30-9p US Eastern

Group Mentor Coaching

Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

Nov 7, 2023–Dec 12, 2023

Weekly on Tuesdays
November 7: 7:30-8:30pm US Eastern
November 14 - December 12: 7:30-9p US Eastern

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