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Be The Cause

Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching

At a Glance

  • Focused ICF Core Competency skill and behavior development
  • Access to 12 Certified Mentor Coaches to tailor your experience
  • Delivered via live video for convenience, privacy and recording
  • Group and Individual Mentor Coaching; mix and match to satisfy the ICF requirement for a total of 10 hours with any credential application.
  • Tools to prepare, submit and succeed with an ICF credential application
  • From $350 per Individual session hour to $1275 for 7 Group session hours

Generate Mastery & Your Unique Coaching Style

Most coaches are lifelong learners. That’s a good thing since consumers of coaching are savvier about choosing a well-trained, ICF Credentialed coach. Maintaining an impeccable level of quality is fundamental to being a professional coach, and this requires consistent focus, intention for learning and passion to uniquely express who you are as a coach. No matter what stage of the professional coaching journey you are at right now – the beginning, ready for the next credential, renewal of a credential, seeking to breakthrough a plateau and return to joy in your work – engaging with an inviteCHANGE Certified Mentor Coach is a satisfying solution.

Who This Program Serves:

Practicing coaches, independent and internal for an organization, seeking to strengthen coaching confidence, technical ICF core competency skills and consistency with expressing a unique coaching style.

Benefits – What You Get

Benefit 1

Experience the pioneering inviteCHANGE Mentor Coaching Approach 

Tap into 25 years of experience in certifying professional coaches using a leading edge set of mentor coaching competencies, Experience the difference that a coach’s coach produces to amplify and accelerate your learning and growth. Generate confidence in your consistent expression of quality and professionalism as a coach.

Benefit 2

Demonstrate ICF Credential Level Proficiency in the Globally Recognized ICF Core Competencies. 

Be eligible and confident to earn your ICF Credential, at whatever level you are ready for based on client coaching experience. Join membership in a globally recognized graduate community for network collaboration and opportunities for creative and productive engagements.

Benefit 3

Develop your own, unique and artful expression and the inner coach awareness essential to sustain joy in your work. 

Awaken access to your coaching as an artful presence that is not replicable by any other person, and is uniquely attractive for the clients you seek to serve.

The Mentor Coaching Experience

The purpose of mentor coaching is hear what is present in a coach-client’s skill set so that the coach-client learns what increases mastery and unique expression as a coach. 

Partnering with a Certified Mentor Coach, in either individual or group format, cultivates self-awareness and broadens your spontaneous perceiving capability within a client session. Adding these two capabilities, expands the choices available and that you pursue to be more artful in client coaching sessions. 

Our approach to mentor coaching increases your ability to demonstrate the ICF Core Competencies with excellence, confidence, competence and unique self-expression.  

Our philosophy for mentor coaching was pioneered after 20 years of delivering coach certification training and has been the leading edge for mentor coaching processes since 2007.

A Mentor Coach is... A wise and trusted advisor influencing and inspiring excellent in ICF core competency development for other coaches.

A Mentor Coach embodies… A commitment in equal parts to collegial partnership, synergy and excellence, contributing to a dynamic legacy that serves the future of professional coaching with integrity, rigor and passion.

Engaging with a mentor coach creates opportunities for self-reflection and continuous learning as well as ongoing skills refinement tailored to the coach-client preferences, inner landscape and learning style.

Individual Mentor Coaching:

Sessions are available from any one of 12 Certified Mentor Coaches.  A private online Dashboard provides access to video and written profiles to make your selection, as well as schedule and exchange materials for each session you engage.

Group Mentor Coaching:

Sessions occur in groups of 3 to 6 people for a total time period of 8.5 hours. One hour is offered at the beginning to come together as learners and create the experience to enjoy together. This is followed by 5, 90-minute sessions that focus on each of the four clusters of the ICF Core Competency model plus preparation for submission of a credential application.

Learning Outcomes

Course 5
  • Strengthen ICF Core Competency coaching skills through a mentor coaching approach pioneered over 25 years of supporting experiential learning for coaches in every client context you can imagine.
  • Acquire process tools for useful self-reflection, self-assessment, development planning and ongoing cultivation of a highly skills inner coach observer that sustains your excellence and quality continuously.
  • Gain full understanding for how to express your unique artistry as a professional coach in ways that are congruent and as expected by the ICF Credential tiers. Be knowledgeable, confident and prepared to submit a satisfactory credential application for the level that matches your client coaching experience.
  • Go beyond technically and artfully as a professional coach, learning in community with colleagues equally invested in professional excellence with and on behalf of coaching excellence and ethical quality.

Meet Our Mentor Coaches

Product Details


Individual Mentor Coaching

$350 per hour-long session

Purchase your desired quantity up to 10 sessions

Group Mentor Coaching

$1275 for 7 Group session hours

Individual Mentor Coaching

Dec 12, 2020–Dec 12, 2021

After purchasing, you will be set up with a dashboard allowing you to review available coaches, select your coach(s), and schedule with them directly

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