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Power of Generative Coaching

Refine Your Coaching Competence and Impact

Deepen skills to perceive meaning that matters for your coaching clients; notice judgment and transform it to unleash your clients’ natural curiosity; ask unconditional questions that activate your clients’ innate creativity; uncover and support your client to surrender limiting beliefs – all of this and more is offered in this program.

Through practice, experimentation and program session mentoring you learn to witness transforming and generative moments as these occur for clients. In turn, you learn to facilitate and navigate a coaching session and overall coaching relationship so that clients achieve sustaining change that is authentic and aligned with their wholeness.

Power of Generative Coaching at a Glance

  • Eight, 2-hour sessions delivered in a live video-based, virtual course room setting (ZOOM Platform).
  • A private cloud-based and password protected Dashboard that stores all program materials and grants access to a wide variety of free resources and reinforcement materials.
  • An inclusive learning environment with a cohort of up to 10 peers to collaborate, practice and celebrate with during sessions and beyond.
  • Access to the global inviteCHANGE graduate community for a lifetime.

Who This Program Serves

  • Professional coach practitioners seeking to expand artfulness through Generative Coaching methods.
  • Professional coach practitioners wanting to deepen technical skills in the ICF Core Competency framework.

Power of Generative Coaching Curriculum

The learning begins with you, exploring your own blind spots, unconscious habits and inherited belief systems that are not serving the path you are creating for the future. You will discover limiting attitudes, perspectives, assumptions and beliefs similar to what likely showed up when you were building your Life Map in Authentic Self Presence, and your Business Map in Professional Self Presence. This program will expand and deepen your understanding and provide a framework for perceiving and transforming limitations that your clients experience in their lives.

Learning Outcomes

  • Strengthen coaching skills that awaken deep awareness and clarity, the first step toward conscious choice aligned with core values and beliefs
  • Integrate new Generative Coaching models and techniques that will enable you to support clients to sustain conscious changes in behavior and action
  • Deepen your aptitude and artistry with the behavioral skills of the ICF Core Coaching Competencies
  • Experience what it means to engage with others from the mindset of everyone being whole, capable, resourceful and creative
  • Expand your understanding and application of the professional coaching approach when exploring invisible ways of thinking and shadow belief systems
  • Shift perspectives at a deep level in order to invite and develop new behaviors that support conscious choices in creating effective client relationships
  • Practice the art and science of professional coaching and receive valuable mentor coaching for advancing your artful development of coach competence

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Course Details



$1,160 paid in full


$100 deposit with 2 monthly payments of $530

Forms of Payment, Cancellation & Refund Policy

Credit card payment is accepted by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Please review our Cancellation & Refund Policy for further details.

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