Emily Chee Wah

Cascade, Trinidad and Tobago
https://yourlifepathco.com |

Coaching types: Leadership & Executive, Life Purpose & Personal Development, Team & Group

I founded Your LifePath Co to help busy executives, professionals and entrepreneurs improve their satisfaction with life. By re-discovering their core beliefs and values, and becoming open to new ideas, options and pathways, my clients are able to create space in their lives for more of the things that they love, get off the treadmill of busyness and create more joy, fun and passion for themselves and their loved ones.

I specialize in one-on-one coaching although I also coach groups. My passion is to ignite the fire in my clients to have the courage to really go for what they want.

I work directly with clients who book as an independent individual or through their sponsor organization when booked by a corporate organization.

More and more progressive corporations know that happier and balanced employees also equals better performance, engagement and job satisfaction and have turned to coaching as an effective means to achievement of corporate and employee objectives.

What makes my clients more satisfied with life in the end is intrinsic and specific to each client - be it improving communication and leadership skills, feeling more in control and in balance with life overall, or feeling more confident and belief in self.

Seeing my clients develop and reach higher and higher versions of themselves gives me joy and fulfillment which is why I choose to dedicate this part of my career to coaching.

I believe that when people are able to live in alignment with their highest ideals and values, they feel satisfied with life and their achievements, they feel balanced, they feel whole. This is what I help my clients achieve.

My ideal clients want to live life to the fullest, are self-motivated, open to trying new things and who want to be challenged.

If this describes you and you are curious to find out more, book a Free Experience Coaching session with me today at https://yourlifepath.as.me/experiencecoaching

Emily Chee Wah