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BE. CHOOSE. CAUSE. Global Coaching Conference

Lead Well. Do Good. Drive Change.

September 9-11, 2020

About Cathy Mott, PCC

Cathy is the President and CEO of CWC Leadership Development, LLC and a global executive coach.

Cathy has worked closely with senior leaders for more than 25 years and specializes in leadership, employee engagement and culture building. She has dedicated herself to helping leaders create meaning in their own lives and in their organizations, which results in motivated employees and customer commitment. She is also valued for helping teams think strategically and engage in meaningful conversations that allow for reflection and inquiry that lead to change. Her passion is creating environments where her clients can transform and break through to unparalleled performance.

She is an Executive Coach, Author, facilitator, trainer and team builder, skilled at designing interactive processes that gain buy-in and commitment to action plans. Known as a resourceful problem-solver, Cathy is insightful and skilled at helping others to discover their natural talents and learned skills to remove obstacles and reach their full potentials.

Cathy’s recent coaching experience includes:

Individual global executive coaching for global leadership development and performance improvement, group coaching for global leadership development, shadow coaching for performance improvement, design and delivery of global leadership coaching programs, teaching global coaching skills, coaching to ensure success on the international assignment, 360 degree feedback from assessment and interviews, development planning and coaching, rerailing employees who are derailing, coaching relationships in the workplace. Coaching leaders to help them develop a healthy relationship with themselves which leads to Authentic Leadership. Trained over 400 leaders at Mercedes Benz on Coaching for Performance over the last five years.