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High Performers are not always High Potentials, how do you know?

by Laura DiTomasso, ACC | July 10, 2018

Are all high performers also high potentials for your organization? Not in my opinion. What is the difference? High performers are experts who consistently exceed in their work. They are motivated and typically known as the “go to” people in your organization. Because they are so good, it is easy to believe they are also your high potential employees. Meaning they will make a great manager, leader, or even executive.

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The Use of a Fable to Lay a Foundation for Agreements

by Karen Lynch | June 27, 2018

In one way or another, a group of people tend to create agreements.  We call them by various words such as rules, culture, “norms” and many others.  The early establishment of agreements amongst members of a group can improve the integration of a newcomer and provide a framework to cultivate change.  

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Challenging the Obvious in Service to Change

by Carl Franco, PCC | June 4, 2018

Most everyone could articulate at least one thing they would sincerely like to change, one thing in their lives that they would like to be different.  Why then does this one thing, on balance, seem to change so infrequently?  It has at least something to do with the role that beliefs play in our lives.

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