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Be An Adult: Coach Communication Works Better

by Lyssa deHart, PCC | May 8, 2018

Have you ever found yourself in a coaching session chomping at the bit, to share your wisdom or insights? You can see so clearly, from your emotionally detached position, the pathway forward that your client could take? Have you ever been attached to some wisdom, and felt that little jolt as your client disagreed or stepped past your brilliant insight? Thinking to your secret self, “If only they would listen to me, they could move through their situation a bit faster with a better outcome.” As coaches, we can sometimes wrap these insights and “emotional hits” as direct communication. And, I am going to challenge that idea a little bit.

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Ethics: From Compliance to Compass

by Janet Harvey, MCC | February 16, 2018

By: Sam Magill January, 2018

From time to time, we must stop to ask, “Why should people care about ethics?”

Why should we care? After all, we ICF members sign the Code of Ethics when we obtain our credentials and renew them, right? (So do members of other coaching associations!) How often do we think about the Code after that? If a complaint is ever filed against us, we sure think about it! To be found in breach of the ICF Code of Ethics and be compelled to take some sort of remedial action is unnerving and, in all likelihood, very embarrassing. It can be career ending.

Part of the problem is that we tend to look at the Code as a set of things we should not do. Sometimes the Code elements seem like traffic rules: I hope I don’t get caught if I speed just a little thereby ruining my perfect driving record.

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How do you incorporate gratitude in your daily life?

by Janet Harvey, MCC | February 8, 2018

There is so much confusion, complexity and uncertainty around in the world today we are all looking for some antidote to help us come back into balance and happiness. I was reading a story on the web recently that described the “Hedonic Treadmill Theory” and it explained a lot about what gets in our way of happiness. I used to call this the revolving doorway syndrome and I think the new treadmill metaphor is more descriptive of what occurs inside for each of us.

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