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Posts in Category: Team Dynamics

Team Coaching or Coaching Individuals Together – Semantics or Really Different?

by Lyne Tumlinson, PCC | August 29, 2019

I began offering team coaching in my practice almost 10 years ago. Turns out, I wasn’t really coaching the team. I was coaching and facilitating individuals in a leadership “team” together. Good news – they still made good progress toward their goal of flying in the same direction without their toxic relationships!

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Blind Spots

by Sarah Graves, PCC | August 1, 2017

Change in organizations is rarely easy and challenges even the best teams. Change can be wanted and expected and still it can move us swiftly into a difficult exchange among peers. 

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How to Make Your Off-Sites on Target

by Sarah Graves, PCC | July 10, 2017

Off-sites take on the current culture of your company. Some companies may have a passionate and involved CEO who will take charge and revel in the project, while other executives may be so overwhelmed by projects and market changes that a calendar tag and agenda don’t get sent until the last minute, forcing a team member or two to reschedule a weekend getaway or miss the soccer tournament or piano recital. Those at the home office frequently know the offsite is taking place and water cooler  gathering openly speculates  what will go on or off.  The team is invested, whether present or not, and one thing is certain:  most people want the time away to be meaningful and productive, and for the leaders to bring back plans that are empowering, strengthening and positive.

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