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inviteCHANGE Blog

Welcome! We are a community of coach practitioners with all levels of experience who share the same passion for coaching and how it improves the world. We hope our blog series provide you with deeper insights into our work and who we are. With each post, you may click on the the author’s name for profile and contact information. We will also have guest bloggers from the coaching industry and from industries served by coaches to provide you with additional perspectives and insights.

Keep on the lookout for upcoming posts from our team ~ if you have any comments or are interested in guest blogging, please drop us a line at blog@invitechange.com. And thank you for joining us!

Mid-Point Reflection & Restart

by Janet M. Harvey, MCC | Jun 3, 2024

Now is a good time to reflect on the goals you set for the second quarter and the first half of the year.  What might you want to reset to finish the first half well and prepare for the second half of 2024, which appears to offer continued complexity and uncertainty. Give yourself the gift of pause to listen to your inner authority. Choose what most respects your values and core self. As a leader, everyone observes and follows; offer a pathway that honors their generative wholeness.

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Pause, Remember We All Belong to Our Planet

by Janet M. Harvey, MCC | Apr 30, 2024

As we watch courageous, chaotic, and committed discourse worldwide, othering's impact becomes painfully clear. Our conversations normalize othering, compromising our ability to discern what's happening and absent our preferences and biases.

Readers of the book From Tension to Transformation: A Leader's Guide to Generative Change comment most often about the frame offered for pause. "Pause gives more time than it takes."  Staying present and aware is the formula to avoid judgment, blaming, and disappointment that motivates othering. Allow belonging to be our intentional way to invite change for sustainable humanity. 

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Confronting and Addressing the Unspoken is Great for Business

by Janet M. Harvey, MCC | Mar 27, 2024

I decided to buy some chocolates to express my gratitude for our fantastic team, and oh my, was that journey a surprise. The celebration of Easter (and similar holidays) and Chocolate are two things that go together for many people during April. The Chocolate Scorecard, points out that what you purchase has some unspoken consequences for society. 

Looking more closely before you buy is a small act with high impact. When we give our attention to wholeness, to the multiple facets of any system – our personal life relationships, our teams and enterprises, our communities, our governments, our educational institutions – we see more options emerge.

Listen in for three ideas to support us as leaders of ourselves, our teams, our families, and our communities.

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