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Why Leading From Landscape is Generative

by Sarah Graves, PCC | Jun 01, 2022

How does “Leading from Landscape” begin?

Get 3 tips to move from managing in "portrait mode" to managing generatively in "landscape mode" by being curious about what your teams are experiencing and seeing.

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Achieving Harmony in the Workplace and Beyond

by Sarah Graves, PCC | May 01, 2022

As a mother of two Gen Z children, Cheif Relationship Officer, Sarah Graves, PCC has witnessed firsthand how the paradigm shift of the world wide web, smartphones, and 24/7 news cycle has impacted them, their friends, classmates, and community. She has passionately researched Gen Z for over 15 years. Parenting during this transition has made the traditional line "They don't come with a handbook" an understatement.

The demographics of our current students and clients at inviteCHANGE reflect the evolving landscape of the intergenerational workplace, with a marked increase of learners under 30. We have an awareness that the desire for Harmony in the Workplace has never been higher.

Expectations during other evolutions (some might call them revolutions) did not include the notion of Harmony. This blog is a dip into what is an ongoing exploration and the challenge to listen, learn, lead and live in ways unavailable in previous millenia.

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Be the Leader You Never Had

by Sarah Graves, PCC | Apr 05, 2022

Most of us have worked with managers and bosses that we didn't like and can easily identify the qualities of a boss that we don't want to emulate. What happens when we only think of the bad qualities while developing our leadership skills? Focus on the qualities you want to cultivate to become the leader you never had.

Get 4 tips to be the leader you never had with this blog from Relationship Officer, Sarah Graves, PCC.

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