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Earn a Referral Bonus by Being a Raving Fan!

Learn more about earning a Referral Bonus through inviteCHANGE!

The decision to commit to an ICF accredited coach training program is one that is taken with great care. Completing a program is an investment of time and money.

In all of my conversations with potential new Coaches, I have discovered that those who receive information and get clarity about all of the nuances of the learning and credentialing process are best prepared to enter and complete a program. A coach training program should be a great fit all around.

Our greatest compliment is a referral from a graduate or a person who has discovered the value of our programs. In fact, most of the Coaches who enroll with us do so after being referred to us by someone they trust.

We want to thank you for placing your trust in us as a credible partner for coach training across the spectrum; from beginners to Coaching through those who are renewing their MCC credential, we are grateful for all who have been referred by each of you.

To express our gratitude, we offer a Referral Bonus when you’ve sent us a potential coach learner and they enroll in one of our programs as a result. In order to claim this referral bonus, you can do one or both of these things.

  1. Tell the person you’re referring to make sure they mention your name when they make an appointment with Laurie Johnson for more information.
  2. Feel free to check in with Laurie to see if your candidate did enroll.

*** Your referral bonus will be $50 cash sent to you and a $100 credit to an inviteCHANGE program of your choice. ***

Thank you again for being a Raving Fan of inviteCHANGE!

Laurie Johnson, PCC

Laurie Johnson is the CEO of 4 Elements Coaching and part of the team of coaching industry professionals at inviteCHANGE.
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