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Advanced Authentic Presence

Polish your lens of authenticity as you engage in our signature program designed to explore your inner attitudes and beliefs so that you liberate essence and live from sovereignty.

If you are a coach practitioner with an open spirit of self-discovery, access to imagination and a passion to contribute to the world in ever more meaningful ways, this program will engage you with like-minded people, social artists and activists, who see a future in which humanity flourishes through coaching as an integral part of society.

If you seek to live your life fully potent, sourced from your authentic self, then this program offers you both an experience to ignite this way of being in yourself all the time and skill building and resources to generate authentic presence for your clients.

You will enjoy a direct experience of the Generative Coaching approach as the recipient of both individual and group coaching at the ICF Master Certified Coach level. The content is devoted to two learning pathways simultaneously: your personal growth by introducing tools and processes to invite conscious, sustainable change and your professional development through disciplined mentor coaching and inner coach awareness.

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Course Details

36 Contact Learning Hours

Pre-requisite: Candidates demonstrate a minimum of 300 hours of client experience plus evidence of coach specific training and certification.

Course Price: $2700USD

Course Tuition Payment Plan: $450 deposit with $450/month for 5 months

Learning Outcomes

  • Deepen and regenerate a vibrant life vision and inner purpose that affirms your essence, fuels generativity and builds agility with your evolving self-awareness and self-mastery.
  • Strengthen confidence in coaching mastery through an experiential, deep dive process among a cohort of seasoned practitioners who share a commitment to authentic presence in life.
  • Clarify and liberate personal values, guiding principles and core beliefs about a meaningful life so that you more purposefully align your choices and actions with an inspirational vision of positive impact in the world.
  • Congruently embody wholeness as an exemplar for clients and others you seek to engage in generative learning and growth through a coaching partnership.
  • Create a holistic, lifelong resource for self-empowerment and personal sovereignty that fosters wholeness and balance in your life and the lives of others you choose to touch.
  • Gain experience with a myriad of tools, resources and techniques that support inspired change and sustainable excellence with clients in any context or stage of life.

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The most effective way to experience transformation - deep lasting change - is from the inside out. When we gain access to our essence each of us experiences a sense of freedom to make empowering choices rather than feel restricted as a prisoner of our circumstances. This new state of being allows us to live sovereign.

Being sovereign in our lives means being independent and in charge of our relationship with the conditions of our lives. When we act from sovereignty we strengthen our integrity and with this response-agility in any domain of life. Living sovereign is a life long journey, alway a practice, never a habit and rewarded by our vitality in living through unconditional self love.

Being sovereign as a coach becomes an inner stance of Generative Wholeness™ that both enlivens us and becomes an exemplar for clients to believe in any possibility imagined and intended, personally and professionally. Cultivating this inner stance comes through adopting the dynamic capacity to originate, create, learn and produce results in order to live with the freedom to express from our essence in any relationship, to embody our authentic self.

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