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Mentor Coach Certification Program

Enjoy a generative learning laboratory with seasoned colleagues developing specific Mentor Coach competencies, expanding both knowledge and skill building for the ICF core coaching competencies and gaining a valuable, new service offer for your coaching business.

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Course Details

28 Contact Learning Hours

14 sessions via our online course room hosted every other week for 2 hours. 7-10 Mentor Coach hours also included. Candidates must hold a current ICF Credential

Course Price: $3,000USD

Deposit: $500

Course Tuition Payment Plan: $500 deposit with $500/mo for 5 months

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn, practice and receive developmental feedback to build confident competence in seven, specific Mentor Coaching Competencies.
  • Develop thorough understanding and confidence to engage in developmental dialogue using the ICF Core Coaching Competencies at each ICF Credential level.
  • Engage through reading, discussion, demonstration, peer learning labs, course leader, peer and internal reflections to utilize multiple learning styles in order to embody best practices and characteristic behaviors of Mentor Coaches.
  • Observe demonstration, feedback delivery and discussion for application of Mentor Coaching Competencies during weekly learning laboratory sessions.
  • Engage in a peer triad process to safely practice and implement learning from the sessions for both oral and written feedback preparation.
  • Explore and receive template forms and process suggestions to support your creation and delivery of Mentor Coaching services to individuals and for groups of coaches.

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This course is designed for coach practitioners who seek to work as Mentor Coaches in the world and wish to receive training in those specific competencies. inviteCHANGE pioneered both competencies and a training course for this purpose and introduced this to the global market in 2008.  Participants engage with each other every other week for a total of fourteen 2-hour sessions delivered via live video via Zoom, an Internet-based audio and visual platform.  The design allows for simultaneous learning of the Mentor Coach competencies with deepening learning about the ICF Core Coaching Competencies at every stage of development, including the most artful and demanding level of MCC.

Through reading, discussion, demonstration, peer learning labs, course leader and peer reflections and written reflections on learning, participants will engage multiple learning styles in order to embody best practices and characteristic behaviors of Mentor Coaches.  

An additional element invites engagement in peer triads. Peer interaction allows for safe experimentation with the mentor coach competencies. In addition, you enjoy an opportunity to prepare written feedback for coach development that complements your learning for how to deliver, stage appropriate, verbal reflections that strengthen a practitioner's demonstration of the ICF competencies, and opens a clear and reasonable path for stretch development.

Participants will also be supported with forms and recommended processes for establishing Mentor Coaching as a line of business with individuals and groups.

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