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Authentic Presence + Life Map Planning

Access the Path to Sustainable Wholeness

Authentic Presence & Life Map Planning is an inviteCHANGE signature course designed to help you create a future of your own choice. Safely and gently explore your inner attitudes and beliefs to determine what propels you forward and what holds you back. Create a life of sustainable freedom that holds unlimited possibilities and the ability to stand in the eye of who you truly are.

Course Details

36 Contact Learning Hours

ONLINE: 11 sessions (2 hours, 2 times per week)


Learning Outcomes

Combining a 3-day workshop with 90-minute weekly follow up sessions over 10 weeks, you will generate a variety of tools to invite conscious change in your life with ease, confidence and satisfaction.Tap into your inner wisdom, guidance, power and passion

  • Generate a life vision and purpose statement
  • Clarify personal values and align your choices and actions
  • Identify the guiding principles and beliefs that create a meaningful life
  • Declare intentions for life that powerfully focus your attention
  • Learn the secret to living a vital, thriving, passionate life
  • Create a holistic, life long tool for self-empowerment
  • Foster wholeness and balance in your life

The focus of this course is a direct experience of the Generative Coaching approach with you as the recipient of both individual and group coaching. The content is devoted to your personal growth and development and introduces tools and processes to invite conscious, sustainable change.  The experience will change you in ways that create ease to fully embody your authentic presence and gain insight about how to invite and encourage the same in others.

What we know from nearly two decades of educating individuals in the coaching competencies is that the best coaches have very high self-awareness and possess commitment and discipline for being a continuous learner of self over time. This first course builds a very important mindset foundation for being coach so you are effectively prepared to add the relating and communication skill set of coaching that is introduced in the second course.

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