Certified Professional Coach Program Backup

Being Coach-Like in Everyday Conversation

A primary result of professional coaching is that clients maximize potential, personally and professionally. Learning to produce this outcome is possible for everyone and may occur in everyday conversation. The coach training program begins here to give each person a way to immediately begin to create and change the future through a coach approach to conversation.  

Many of us learned to focus our lives on gathering information to acquire knowledge so we are seen as experts in something. We then discover that expertise is insufficient without the ability to partner and collaborate with others. A generative conversation enlivens us because we work with each other, not at each other, optimizing time and resources. This is how we experience the whole as greater than the sum of the parts. When we choose to be fully present, perceive all of what another person expresses and allow that to stimulate our curiosity, relationships are stronger and communicating is clearer.  Who wouldn’t want that?

 "Utilizing the tools I received from inviteCHANGE Being Coach-Like in Everyday Conversation course transformed my reactivity into a collaborative way of communicating." 

— Andrew Minor, Sales Manager

Course Details

8 Contact Learning Hours

Available onsite as a 1-day program or live video as 5, 2-hour sessions 

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase personal effectiveness in any context or relationship.
  • Learn the cornerstone principle for maximizing potential in self and others.
  • Apply the skill set and mindset of a professional coach to everyday conversation.
  • Transform everyday conversation into confident, generative relationship building.

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