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ICF Core Competency Insights

inviteCHANGE ICF Core Competency Insights is a virtual adult learning experience that focuses on the ICF Core Coaching Competencies. Experiencing the Competencies through the eyes of a number of experienced coaches supports you to develop your own personal relationship to them as you make them your own. This journey is a key to finding your expression as an artful coach.

Course Details

The course consists of 11 lessons. Each lesson contains a video of two experienced coaches informally discussing a particular ICF Core Competency. They discuss their own personal relationship as developed through experience.

This Course is delivered online in an asynchronous mode. You are able to watch and re-watch lessons whenever you desire. Each lesson provides a method for you to capture your top three takeaways and make comments for review by an inviteCHANGE course leader. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Experience the 11 ICF Core Competencies in a relaxed personal way.
  • Transform the ICF Core Competencies into the living backbone of your coaching presence.
  • Begin to identify applications of the ICF Core Competencies in everyday coaching conversations.
  • Gain insight into real world applications if the ICF Core Competencies.
  • Provide a concise review of the ICF Core Competencies for the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA)

Coaching is both a relating and a communicating activity. The ICF Core Competencies provide a useful structure for developing this skill. This course provides some of the insight to develop your artful coaching presence.

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