Coaching in Organizations

An enterprise of any size or industry has leaders and teams within it that operate as a system. This presents exciting opportunities for coaches and along with that, some additional responsibilities for how to create and maintain an effective coaching partnership. Engage in coaching leaders and teams inside organizational systems using our signature Generative Coaching models. Improve coaching outcomes and acquire effective ways to achieve greater impact with your enterprise clients.

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Course Details

7 Contact Learning Hours

4 online sessions, 2 hours, 1 time per week via our live video course room

Course Price: $525USD

Learning Outcomes

  • Expand awareness of leadership competencies that generate success in organizational settings.

  • Gain clarity about generative competencies that are the building blocks for effectively leading change in organizations.

  • Initiate individual development of the generative competencies in order to be a role model for prospective leader clients.

  • Expand Active Listening (CCC #5) competence to include field perceiving so that you observe and coach the communication patterns that are expressed beyond individual contribution.

  • Introduce and apply Generative Coaching guiding principles and coach competencies specific to working with one-to-many in an organization using Powerful Questioning (CCC #6) and Direct Communication (CCC#7) in a more expansive way.

  • Introduce and explore the topics of group dynamics, paradox and cultural power factors that impact teams and the leaders who sponsor and participate.

  • Continue to advance your coaching skills towards with specific application in working in a one-to-many environment in enterprises.

Coaching leaders and teams requires proficiency in both the ICF core coaching competencies and organizational change and teaming processes. The program invites you to explore this powerful dynamic and expand your perspective about working within an enterprise with the people who courageously explore unchartered territory in order to positively influence the workplace.

This highly interactive coaching skills course is for professional coaches who seek competence in coaching leaders, their teams and groups of people who engage inside organizational systems. Participants explore and expand essential skills for navigating organizational change processes, teaming and human dynamics as well as the role of a leader in creating an environment that invites and welcomes change for positive impact on organizational performance. 

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