Voice Dialogue for Coaching

Discover an empowering and useful method for unhooking clients from self imposed obstacles and barriers to desired change that focuses on self-acceptance and conscious choice.

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Course Details

7 Contact Learning Hours

Delivered in our virtual course room in (4) 2-hour sessions. 

Course Price: $525USD

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the fundamentals of Voice Dialogue
  • Gain access to some of your inner selves
  • Facilitate other coaches in the Voice Dialogue process
  • Acquire enough skill to begin using this process with your own clients

Voice Dialogue for Coaching is a discovery system that promotes exploration and acceptance of all parts of us so that we can listen to, learn about, and gain compassion for ourselves at the deepest level. Through Voice Dialogue we can move from a ‘tug of war’ existence to one of expansion, freedom, and REAL choice.

Voice Dialogue for Coaching, is a powerful process that deeply supports ICF core coaching competency 8 – Creating Awareness at a new and profound level. The Voice Dialogue approach is particularly useful with clients who are stuck, torn or confused.

Voice Dialogue brings awareness about the various ‘selves’ that our clients feel oppose each other and/or sabotage forward progress. When clients truly listen to the parts through Voice Dialogue-based coaching, they uncover the needs, desires and rules of the parts, and lessen inner conflicts that have kept them stuck in old patterns of thought and behavior.

Just as individuals release defensiveness and ‘positions’ when they feel heard and respected, so do our parts naturally open up to more spacious behaviors and habits when they are pro-actively invited to express their longings, fears, regrets and hopes.

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