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Be The Cause

Certified Generative Coach Program

Certified Generative Coach Program

Program at a Glance

  • Focused, progressive ICF Core Competency skill development
  • inviteCHANGE Generative Coaching methods for clients to achieve sustaining change they want
  • Process tools and resources to attract and engage paying clients and build a thriving livelihood
  • 152 contact learning hours across five courses and one asynchronous course, plus mentor coaching that satisfies the ICF ACTP requirements to earn your ACC and PCC credential
  • Participation in a vibrant coaching community and on demand digital academy to sustain you during and after training
  • Dedicated Personal Coach & Learning Advisor (MCC & PCC Coaches)
  • Peer Coaching Program for risk-free practice
  • $14,459*  Tuition covers all of the above with no additional or hidden fees *Bonus: This price is a 5% discount when commitment to full program is made. inviteCHANGE will also pay for your first year of membership in the International Coaching Federation if paid in full prior to beginning program.)

Our Signature Program for People Seeking ICF Coach Certification

You know you want to coach with quality, deliver excellent service and earn a reputation as a credible professional coach. You also know that a rigorous training delivered by qualified, caring leaders who embody the coach’s mindset and are being coaches every day, are the people to support you to get what you want.

Our commitment to you in this program is that upon completion you will coach with confidence, professionalism and credible competence. Your coach training program at inviteCHANGE incorporates all the elements to be a thriving service professional and earn recognition from the largest global association dedicated to the field of coaching, the International Coaching Federation.

Most of our participants are working professionals seeking to expand their portfolio to include the professional coaching capability. Flexible and accessible schedules and instructional design support you to sustain your current work while learning and immediately applying that learning in any context you wish, at home, at work, with your team and colleagues, and in your community from anywhere around the globe.

InviteCHANGE is your credible partner for personal and professional growth so that you too, may provide a high-quality service to the people you choose to serve as a leader and coach.

The CGC Journey: How to Travel

Upcoming Sessions

Certified Generative Coach Spring 2022 Morning Cohort
Apr 7, 2022–Mar 23, 2023

Certified Generative Coach Spring 2022 Evening Cohort
Apr 7, 2022–Mar 23, 2023

Asynchronous learning and mentor coaching to be completed no later than June 2023
Choice of time slots: 11am - 1pm US Eastern OR 7pm - 9pm US Eastern

Custom cohort schedule available for Leaders & Teams with 6-9 participants. Find out more here or call 877-228-2622 Ext. 233.

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Flow through 5 Live Course Component over 12 months

Resources icon


Amplify Your Learning with Reading and iC Study Hall asynchronous learning

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Support Your Learning with Fieldwork and Assignments

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Transform Your Coaching Processes with Supplemental Resources

Prepare to learn

Embody the coach mindset

Develop coaching communication

Facilitate learning and be generative

Earn your ICF credential

Program Components

Certified Generative Coach is comprised of 5 Learning Programs, a dedicated Personal Coach and Learning Advisor, and the iC Study Hall asynchronous learning. 


Pathway to Generative Coaching >

Begin Your Journey to Be a Professional Coach

More Info

Authentic Self Presence >

Access the Path to Generative Wholeness

More Info

Professional Self Presence >

Generate Your Authentic Professional Signature

More Info

Power of Generative Coaching >

Refine Your Coaching Competence and Impact

More Info

Artful Coaching in Practice >

Express Your Artistry & Professional Coach Competence

More Info

Personal Coach and Learning Advisor >

Accelerate Learning and Application of Professional Coaching

More Info

Benefits – What You Get

Benefit 1

Experience the inviteCHANGE Generative Coaching Approach

Tap into 20 years of expertise and passion for generative adult learning that results in sustainable excellence for coaching competence. Gain access to team members who are active practitioners and accessible in and outside of courses to support learning, development and achieving professional success.

Benefit 2

Experience inviteCHANGE Generative Coaching as you develop your own, unique and artful expression for being generative with clients.

Awaken access to your authentic self through our Generative Coaching way. Develop confident competence to operate in a global, virtual workplace by learning in a virtual course room, generating a caring and highly connected environment, one-on-one and as a group.

Benefit 3

Demonstrate ICF Professional Certified Coach Level of Proficiency in the Globally Recognized ICF Core Competencies

Be eligible to earn your ICF Credential and join membership in a globally recognized graduate community for network collaboration and opportunities for creative and productive engagements.

I chose inviteCHANGE after a lot of research. I wanted something that had the reputation, had the track record. I also talked to a lot of different coaches. ...Without fail, everybody that went through the inviteCHANGE program had nothing but 'thumbs up.'

Sandy Stamato

I left the program with a lot of confidence in my skills as a coach, and even more importantly I left the program with a deep level of trust in myself. I was able to find the courage to make some pretty big leaps in life.

Elizabeth Kingsley

The CGC Curriculum

Generative coaches create an environment of respect and absolute belief in another’s inherent wholeness, meaning everything a person wants and needs to thrive in life already exists however some parts must be discovered, accessed and embodied. Coaching reveals each person’s internal resourcefulness, capability and innate creativity. In a coaching partnership you learn to express bold unconditional curiosity and offer empowering questions uncover limiting beliefs holding a person back from what they most want. You engage and shine a light on an unlimited number of possibilities for conscious choice and lasting change. As a result, your clients realize and learn to continuously maximize potential professionally and personally.

Effective professional coaches demonstrate a highly refined communicating and relating skill set and mindset that liberates the core resource and capability of a person. Learning to be a Generative Coach is also a journey of personal change. The journey begins with you so you have understanding and awareness for the process and experience you will deliver with your own clients.

Through practice, experimentation, feedback and developmental mentor coaching you learn to witness generative moments occur for clients. Within a highly collegial and collaborative environment, you learn to shape and navigate any coaching session topic and outcome and a sustain a coaching relationship over time so that clients achieve sustainable change.

Learning Outcomes

Course 5
  • Enhance confidence and competence for both internally and externally recognizing the observable behaviors and skills of the ICF Core Competencies.
  • Perceive at simultaneous and multiple dimensions of perception in order to achieve artfulness for building client awareness.
  • Discover best practices for coaches and weave into coach development plan.
  • Practice with peers for integration of the ICF Core Competency knowledge and advanced demonstration with the Professional Certified Coach skill set.
  • Explore, practice and develop an artful incorporate of the inviteCHANGE, Generative Coaching principles, models and techniques.
  • Build confidence in your competence by completing a written examination of your integrated knowledge about the ICF Core Competencies and Generative Coaching principles, models and techniques.
  • Anchor skills and styles that are already your strengths and incorporate them more fully into your unique artistry and style as coach.
  • Identify and access your next horizon of skill expansion through incorporating first-hand observation of your coaching by Certified Mentor Coaches

Meet Our Delivery Leaders

Program Details



Enroll for July 2021 program by May 20, 2021 for Early Enrollment Benefits!

Certified Generative Coach ACTP Program:

$14,459* (5% discount for all program components, which are available a la carte) if paid in full or full payment plan chosen prior to beginning Pathway to Generative Coaching. If you pay in full, inviteCHANGE will pay your first year of membership with the International Coaching Federation.

Includes Pathway to Generative Coaching, Personal Coach and Learning Advisor, Authentic Self Presence, Professional Self Presence, Power of Generative Coaching, Artful Coaching in Practice, ACTP Completion Package.

Please note: Washington State requires us to maintain a 5 day waiting period after registration is complete before accepting full tuition. Therefore, we take a $100 deposit to enroll and remaining payment is arranged after all relevant forms have been signed.

*Full Payment due prior to program start date
**Payment plans begin on the 1st business day of the month in which your enrolled program begins.

  • Completion Certificates will be issued only when full tuition amount is paid.
  • There is no penalty for early payment of tuition in advance.

Tuition and Payment Options: Please contact our Customer Care Associate.

For The Boeing Company Employees

Registration Information

Certified Generative Coach Spring 2022 TH1

Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

Apr 7, 2022–Mar 23, 2023

Live course delivery April 2022 - March 2023
Asynchronous learning and mentor coaching to be completed no later than March 2024
11am - 1pm US Eastern

Certified Generative Coach Spring 2022 TH2

Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

Apr 7, 2022–Mar 23, 2023

Live course delivery April 2022 - March 2023
Asynchronous learning and mentor coaching to be completed no later than March 2024
7pm - 9pm US Eastern

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What is Professional Coaching

Download a FREE digital e-book of “What Is Professional Coaching?” by Janet Harvey:

  • Discover what coaching is as a career.
  • Explore how coaching applies to manage other people.
  • Understand how to build a coaching practice and business you will love for a lifetime.

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