10:30-11:30 am Pacific / 1:30-2:30 pm Eastern

Virtual Open House - Advanced Generative Coaching

Advance as a Coach

Allow your coaching to transform into a presence that is not replicable and is uniquely attractive for the clients you seek to serve through Advanced Generative Coaching. Learn more about Generative Coaching and our program details at our free open house.

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Do you feel called to strengthen being artful with clients. You know you serve your clients well now, and you also sense there is something more you want to contribute. What you're missing are the generative coaching skills that only inviteCHANGE provides.

In our Advanced Generative Coaching program, you will learn how to heighten the scope and scale of your awareness, gain the courage to challenge your client's perspectives, and develop your full authentic presence as a coach so that you cultivate your client's confidence for change to live sovereign.

Advanced Generative Coaching - who this program serves

Join our team to further explore Advanced Generative Coaching and see if the inviteCHANGE experience is right for you.

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