Coaching: The Must Learn Skill for Managers in 2019

hosted by General Assembly

Daniel Goleman identifies coaching as the most effective management style, and yet the least practiced. Coaching is a way of helping members of your team solve the real problems they are facing, rather than the surface ones. Coaching promotes self-sufficiency and can significantly improve individual and team performance. In today's business environment where employees have a lot of choice about where they work, coaching can create a deep manager-employee relationship built around trust, and gives you the capability to develop your team. 

In this panel, we'll hear from three perspectives on coaching: an expert coach, a manager successfully deploying coaching and an HR leader. We'll cover: 

What a coach approach to management is 
Why a coaching approach is so impactful 
Why learn how to coach as a manager now 
How to get started with coaching 


James Pratt 
VP People Development, Gravity Payments + Host of Silent Superheroes

Mikaela Kiner 
Founder & CEO, Reverb

Max Mankins 
Co Founder & CTO, Modern Electron

Sarah Graves 
Chief Relationships Officer, inviteCHANGE

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