12:00-12:30 pm Pacific / 3:00-3:30 pm Eastern

Free Webinar: Re-Energizing: Self, Team, Career

Hosted by Janet Harvey, inviteCHANGE CEO, ICF Master Certified Coach

When you board an airplane, during the flight attendant’s safety demonstration, he or she will advise in the event of a loss of cabin pressure, you should place your oxygen mask on your nose and mouth before assisting others. By taking care of yourself, you can then take care of others, resulting in not only surviving, but thriving. When you are awake and alert, versus on auto-pilot, it offers the choice to be sovereign. Join us as we explore the benefits of renewing and reconnecting, both personally and as a team, and the miraculous growth experienced by all when we re-energize our self, our team and our career.