12:00-12:45 pm Pacific / 3:00-3:45 pm Eastern

Live Event: Communication Breakthrough: Being Coach-Like in Everyday Conversation

Hosted by Sarah Graves, inviteCHANGE Chief Relationships Officer

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Join host Sarah Graves, PCC, Chief Relationships Officer for inviteCHANGE and Carl Franco, PCC, professional coach, business owner, course leader.

Here’s why you want to learn more about Being Coach-Like:

Many employees have potential that, sadly, is never tapped. Some of these folks leave and move to other companies where they thrive, get promoted, create more competition now with insider experience, and excel in a manner that was unpredictable for the original organization. What was the blind spot? How did the company miss this rare and valuable contributor? How can this miss NOT be repeated?

Being Coach-like in Everyday Conversation is simple, yet the changes in the work environment are profound and with some additional structures, the work is expansive and sustainable.

In this webinar, Carl will share:

  • What is generative conversation?
  • The 4 P’s

You will learn how coach-like conversation will manufacture time for you, your employees, clients and more.

It promotes trust, collaboration, accountability and achievement. Satisfaction in the workplace leads to higher engagement, innovation, talent retention and excellence.

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