5:00-6:00 pm Pacific / 8:00-9:00 pm Eastern

Masterclass: Ask A Coach

Join a panel of inviteCHANGE Graduate Coaches

Masterclass for Aspiring Coaches

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There are three very common questions for people who want to be coaches as their livelihood and feel some uncertainty about whether it’s possible?

Who will be my clients and how do I find them?

What makes coaching worth it for clients to pay me for my services?

How do I know I am being successful as a coach?

These are all excellent questions and you heard some answers in the Heart of Coaching series. Now, let’s have coaches who are just completing the inviteCHANGE coach training curriculum come together and share their stories and perspective. And, you can ask these questions and anything else on you mind that might be keeping you from choosing this fun and satisfying career as a professional coach.

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