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Be The Cause

Leader & Team Development

Executive Leader Development

At a Glance

  • 6-month process includes an Executive Leader Coaching Plan and weekly coaching to achieve desired growth and measurable outcomes from the application of insight and learning.
  • Character Trait inventory (online) to orient toward increased self-awareness, balance and agility to shift, incorporating key stakeholder feedback to measure progress during and after coaching is completed.
  • Resources and tools provided to facilitate effective internal and external influence and impact based on the values, principles and practices congruent with company purpose and strategies.

You are the front line of the future. You navigate current pressures with an eye toward sustaining the traditions that matter while anticipating what’s needed next to sustain excellence, thrive in the market and serve your customers.

You accept responsibility for a very big scope and scale and have many stakeholders to answer to, especially when the environment is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. When isn’t the environment that way?

You want opportunities for critical thinking, reflection and a sounding board to test ideas that are not quite ready for public consumption inside or outside of your organization. Who do you turn to for this?

Coaching for executive leader development is a partnership built on trust and safety to explore what cannot yet be disseminated so that your best thinking is fully considered in advance. As partners your dialogue helps you to anticipate what’s around the corner, to articulate an aspirational vision, to identify what must adapt in the organization to align resources to meet the constant change successfully.

What’s good for you is also good for your organization and its customers.

  • Strengthen your overall leadership and management capability in a highly tailored, relevant and flexible performance development opportunity.
  • Accelerate the pace to achieve optimum performance from your team(s) of leaders by adopting more effective interpersonal relationships.
  • Maximize behavior development for key roles that impact business outcomes and future strategy.
  • Provoke positive impact on business and customer relationships, learning to act bravely and adopt responsible risk-taking.
  • Expand influence capacity with external stakeholders that are central to business vitality.
  • Sustain continued growth, learning and organizational excellence.
  • Optimize use of time and focus of attention on what only your role can contribute for the organization to thrive.

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inviteCHANGE will only use your information to contact you about the information you have requested. View our Privacy Policy.