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Be The Cause

Leader & Team Development

High Potential and Succession Development

At a Glance

  • 6-month process with Individual Development Plan and weekly coaching to achieve desired growth and outcomes from the application of insight and learning.
  • Character Trait inventory (online) to orient toward increased self-awareness, balance and agility to shift, incorporating key stakeholder feedback to measure progress during and after coaching is completed.
  • Resources and tools provided to facilitate effective peer and superior influence based on the values, principles and practices congruent with company purpose and strategies.

Your most talented employees are force multipliers yet you wonder, will they stay, and will they keep rising to the challenge when traditional promotional avenues are unavailable?

You have programs in place and the leaders identified with high potential continue to complain they don’t have the opportunities they want to reach full potential.

You read the research that simply adding a star performer to a team boosts the effectiveness of other team members by 5-15%. You wonder, have we identified the right people and placed those individuals on the right teams? Great question, and good business to answer it and then implement the follow-through on development.

The responsibility is not yours alone. The leader with high potential must be able to identify the untapped opportunities for the company and mobilize the organization to pursue those. It is this behavior that demonstrates the drive, social skills and technical ability to succeed. Most high potential leaders do not know this.

A coaching program targeted to optimize your leaders perceived to have high potential both accelerates the follow through and amplifies the contribution of these leaders.

The coaching partnership is a deeply personal process. A coach and leader candidate designs, creates and discusses together, in a confidential and tailored fashion, the choices and actions for professional development to fulfill organizational goals relevant for you, the sponsor and your high potential team member.

“Scientific studies have long suggested that investing in the right people will maximize organizations’ returns. For highly complex jobs, such as senior leadership roles, the contribution of top performers is more than double that of the average performer. It makes good business sense to maximize development for these leaders.”

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, “What Science Says About Identifying High-Potential Employees”, Harvard Business Review, October 2017
Typical behavior development that coaching provokes includes:
  • Adopt an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Cast a compelling vision
  • Evoke original thinking
  • Self-manage and self-regulate under pressure
  • Be constructive when faced with adversity
  • Act with dignity and integrity
  • Exercise bravery in decision-making
  • Anticipate change and aspire to invite and lead it

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inviteCHANGE will only use your information to contact you about the information you have requested. View our Privacy Policy.