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Be The Cause

Leader & Team Development

Being Generative Internal Coaches

At a Glance

  • 60 hours of live coach-specific training with practicing ICF Credentialed Coach delivery leaders, delivered flexibly onsite, live video or in a combination.
  • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching from certified practitioners to support development toward an ICF Credential award.
  • Program materials available in hard and soft copy housed in a password protected online dashboard accessible 24x7 throughout the program.
  • Peer practice circles and community of practice sessions to accelerate application of learning and readiness for deployment as an internal coach for the organization.

Our Signature Program for Internal Coach Training 

You see the positive influence on self-development and leadership excellence that coaching provides. You realize the importance for scaling this outcome across the organization. The question is how and who provides that development in a cost-effective manner?

You recognize that working peer to peer often accelerates trust, safety and learning. Several people have already come to you to ask if they can be trained in coaching. Yes, the answer to who provides the development is most definitely the people in your organization who enjoy bringing out the best in others.

A good first step to achieve scale comes from creating a cohort of people trained in the professional practice of coaching as defined by the International Coaching Federation. If you also want to drive change in a way that sustains, you want to invest in developing generative capability. This program does both and has since 1997.

  • Build skill sets to meet projected demand for coaching, individually and in teams.
  • Ensure that development is measurable and generates desired organizational outcomes.
  • Deploy the science of character to empower authentic, holistic leadership.
  • Infuse a generative mindset that perceives and accepts each person, beyond the circumstances, to be whole, resourceful, capable and creative.

Fulfill the purpose of coaching -- to deepen self learning and motivate useful forward action -- at scale across your enterprise.

Learning Outcomes

  • Complete a rigorous coaching skills training program that develops ethical, high quality coaching partnership and commitment to excellence in the practice of professional coaching.
  • Develop professional habits for self-awareness, self-reflection and self-development that sustain learning beyond completion.
  • Demonstrate ICF-Professional Certified Coach level of proficiency in the globally recognized ICF Core Competencies, beyond what is required to earn the first credential award at the ICF Associate Certified Coach level.
  • Integrate inviteCHANGE Generative Coaching principles, models and techniques into a unique coaching style that strengthens artful competence with leaders who must lead change effectively and be successful with self-development as a leader.
  • Learn the process fundamentals for delivering measurable and effective coaching partnerships for positive business impact and development of leadership capabilities.
  • Integrate coach competence in order to strengthen personal empathy, compassion and effective collaboration with the individuals served in the role of internal coach practitioner.
  • Realize unique strengths and style so that participants leverage these in a meaningful, strategic way individually, with the team of internal practitioners and as ambassadors for a coach-centered culture throughout the organization.

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inviteCHANGE will only use your information to contact you about the information you have requested. View our Privacy Policy.