Sheeba Varghese, PCC

Generative Wholeness Practitioner

Sheeba is a catalyst for change. Her passion is reflected in providing leadership development to men and women who desire to bridge the gap from simply managing day-to-day to becoming exceptional leaders who architect change, innovation and sustainable excellence. She meets clients where they are, finding ways to customize engagements to best serve the presenting needs of each leader. Her approach is grounded in deep listening, intuitive challenging, and the ability to see to the heart of an issue. Sheeba is a firm believer that “although our lives are a series of defining moments, it is not the moment that defines us, but how we choose to live in them.”




She brings more than 20 years of experience working with individuals to her coaching, including a background of more than seven years as a certified K-12 teacher. Sheeba’s clients include Emerging Leaders, Managers, Senior Directors, Vice Presidents and Partners seeking leadership excellence within their role. She supports her clients to cultivate a mindset that would maximize their impact which then has translated into laser focused priorities, increased productivity, collaborative teams, and thus an achievement of their goals. She has worked with clients across a broad range of industries including education, non-profits, solo-preneurs, financial services and the creative arts.


Sheeba holds a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education from the University of Maryland, College Park, MD. She has partnered with the Life Purpose Institute to develop and create their Advanced Coach Training program along with the online learning portion of it. She provides Mentor Coaching with the International Coach Federation. She received her Coaching certification through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, Sherpa Executive Coaching and the Life Purpose Institute and has over 1000 hours of coaching experience. Additionally, she completed her Mentor Coach Certification with inviteCHANGE.

Success stories

  • Partner, activated collaboration and development within the team and expansion in the new role. This created higher levels of confidence among the partners, better communication strategies with the team and outside clients, while decreasing stress levels.

  • VP of Sales, coached through conflict with low performing team members resulting in camaraderie, renewed motivation and an increase in engagement and productivity.

  • Senior Audit Manager, coached for work-life balance, communication, relationship building, and visioning leading to a mindset shift from managing day-to-day to leading. Recently promoted to Partnership within the firm.

  • Coached amplification of focus and prioritization the outgrowth of which was a 75% increase in the number of loans prepared in a competitive real estate market.