Will Pearson, PhD, ACC

Generative Wholeness Practitioner

Will often works with experts in science, technology, engineering, and healthcare/medicine who are at various stages of transitioning from individual contributors to effective leaders. He helps them develop in themselves and their teams whatever is needed to achieve their most valued commitments. Clients can expect help with leading teams that are clear, cooperative, and innovative. Will uses a strengths-based approach, helping clients discover hidden and underused strengths as well as toning down overused strengths in order to achieve a more balanced and whole-person approach. 



 Will had decades of experience as a science professor, company executive, and consultant prior to becoming a leadership development coach. Having studied which measurable leadership phenomena have been rigorously shown to correlate with a climate of success and innovation, he combines his scientific and business acumen with skills in the development of human potential, providing powerful one-on-one coaching support for leaders in science, technology, engineering, and healthcare/medicine. 


Will holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin. After a postdoctoral fellowship at Yale University, he became a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Michigan, then an executive in a chemistry company that served the biotechnology industry. Most recently, his growing focus on leadership has led him to the field of coaching. 

Will is an Associate Certified Coach as credentialed by the International Coach Federation. His training in leadership developmental coaching is highly informed by Doug Silsbee’s Presence-Based Coaching work as well as the Generative Wholeness work of Invite Change. He is a Tilt 365 Certified Practitioner and Trainer. 

Success stories

  • Senior Director in Technology, in preparation for promotion to VP, coached for agility, leadership presence, emotional intelligence, visioning, and risking courageous moves.
  • Group Leader in Pharma, coached for leadership presence, building an innovative team, and relationship building.
  • Engineering Manager, prior to a planned promotion, coached for relationship building, trust/trustworthiness, vision, and building an innovative team.