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Your only true competitive advantage ... is your people

Is every level of your company able to maintain excellent customer relations, even as the industry context transforms and talent moves into, around, and out of your organization? Most companies answer "no" and notice that sustainable excellence is elusive.

inviteCHANGE delivers solutions for every part of your Organizational System to build a culture that fosters learning, personal growth and fulfillment, and shared purpose.

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Many studies show there is a direct correlation between a healthy, productive culture and a company’s bottom line. However, the majority of companies spend little time thinking — let alone doing anything about — cultivating culture as an ongoing process of organizational learning.

Companies that consistently cultivate organizational culture focus on two important elements:

  • Being coherent in communications about the enduring core purpose
  • Being congruent in behaviors that continuously fulfill that core purpose

Sustaining excellence is a complex interdependence of many aspects of a company. We deliver solutions for every part of your Organizational System. We engage with your organizational leaders and teams to design and implement solutions so that you reinforce coherence, achieve congruence in behaviors, and build capacity for agility.

Purpose of Culture Consulting

  • Catalyze leaders to generate a climate for employees that satisfies intrinsic needs for autonomy, competence and relatedness.
  • Reveal ways that leaders disrupt and shift limiting habits and bias in order to adapt to changing environments by tapping into latent potential in the workforce.

When Culture Interventions Are Most Useful

  • To generate competitive advantage that lives through the people who create the customer experience.
  • To strengthen the deep bond created for employees when culture is attended to in a way that is congruent with core purpose.
  • To adapt to change, internally driven or externally enforced, that challenges traditions that no longer serve and require organizational learning.
  • To reverse unacceptable levels of turnover and poor financial performance that together are indicators of a low-trust culture.

Processes That Best Support Culture Consulting

  • A holistic approach that plans across the enterprise or division with thorough stakeholder analysis, identification of key influencers, time bound milestones and data collection to measure shift and desired progress.
  • A strategy and activity plan to socialize culture evolution with clear guidelines about leader accountability to be ambassadors and resources for employees to discover relevance and apply new ways of working that will fulfill an envisioned future.

Before we contract for services, we will partner with you to explore your current situation and together discover the optimal blend of services to address the highest priority opportunities you identify. While inviteCHANGE brings our perspective and experience from working with other companies, you will always know more about what will serve your organization best. Our role is to elicit and synthesize your collective thinking and challenge your assumptions and bias to reveal new possibilities, built upon your only true competitive advantage, your people.

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Organizational Solutions System

Every part of your Organizational System matters — like a mechanical clock, we can only tell time when the gears mesh well and have an energy source to power them.

A company’s energy source is its core purpose, which emanates throughout the organization. The roots of that purpose are found in the core values, guiding principles, mission and vision. Coherence between the roots and the core purpose are what your people need in order to know (1) what to do and (2) why it is essential to do these things together.