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Be The Cause

Engage a Coach

Meet inviteCHANGE Professional Coaches. CPC is the designation for graduates of inviteCHANGE’s Certified Professional Coach, Transformative Coaching program. The International Coach Federation further recognizes experienced coaches through a Credential award system at three levels of excellence: Associate Certified Coach (ACC); Professional Certified Coach (PCC); and Master Certified Coach (MCC).

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inviteCHANGE coaches provide clients an experience of accelerated learning, sustainable behavior change and satisfying progress toward desired outcomes through our Transformative Coaching method.  This is true whether the coaching focuses upon clients’ personal or professional opportunities. That means as clients you are receiving highly skilled, experienced and committed partners that know how to:

  • Champion client self discovery
  • Align with client desired outcomes
  • Clarify client core values
  • Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
  • Respect client personal and professional life expertise
  • Honor clients as whole, resourceful, capable and creative
  • Facilitate clients for conscious choice and lasting change
  • Advocate a life lived through personal and professional sovereignty

inviteCHANGE coaches engage in continuing coach development through the ICF accredited programs offered by inviteCHANGE as well as Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision to ensure the highest quality available.

How to Select a Coach

Your coach is your partner as you open your personal and professional life to greater levels of success and satisfaction.

Choose the coach who is the right match for you.  Coaching is a partnership designed together; an interactive contact sport.  As you interview coaches, notice the chemistry and ask yourself, “How effectively does this person hear me? How engaged am I and is it enough to trust this person as my partner in coaching?”

Before choosing your coach, read the “Guidelines for Selecting a Coach.”  We encourage you to contact two or more coaches and choose the coach who is the right partner for you.

Guidelines for Selecting a Coach

When considering the services of a business and personal coach:

  • What professional, coach specific training has the coach received?
  • From what program did the coach receive certification and was that provider recognized as an ICF Accredited organization?
  • How long has the coach been coaching?
  • How does the coach describe his/her particular approach?  Is this style compatible with you and your desires?
  • What particular specialty area, expertise or personal experience does the coach have that is important to you?
  • How many clients does the coach have?
  • Ask the coach for client referrals and/or testimonials.
  • Request for the coach to offer you a free sample coaching session. This can be a good way to experience the coach’s style and approach.