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Be The Cause

Life Coaching

What are you seeking in life that you imagine will generate more satisfaction, fulfillment and joy? If you can imagine it then it is possible and, life circumstances often create amnesia for us, blocking access to our innate creativity and belief in our independence and response agility to pursue and achieve our dreams.  Whether in a transition or longing to create one, engaging with a life coach delivers a thinking partner who will invite insight and initiative for new behaviors and actions on the path toward what you want.

inviteCHANGE life coaches specialize in Transformative Coaching and that means you have a professional trained to be useful in your pursuit of change in your life. Choosing to invite and be the author of your life rather than reacting to circumstances is liberating. Not only will you feel freer, you will notice that opportunities to pursue what matters most are more accessible and easier to engage.

Typical areas for exploration include:

  • Strengthen Self-esteem/Self-confidence
  • Achieve Professional & Personal Life Balance
  • Initiate and Deepen Relationships
  • Improve Interpersonal Skills
  • Increase Communication Effectiveness
  • Raise Work performance and Productivity
  • Advance Well-Being and Physical Health
  • Gain Peace and Calm with Organizing Life
  • Deepen Spiritual Commitment