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Accidental Growth vs Intentional Growth: Which Will You Choose?

inviteCHANGE Alumni, ACC Coach, and CEO of her own development, Lei Comerford shares her journey of intentional growth through her life and during the pandemic.

Are you moving through intention?

Isn’t it interesting how you stumble across new learnings? During my journey to become a certified John Maxwell Team Speaker, Coach and Trainer I was introduced to “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth”. As I read the book my thoughts and need for reflection became deeper and more introspective than I ever anticipated. The ability to slow down and focus on me, my passions, my untapped potential was not something I spent much time on historically.

I wonder how this story resonates with you- It is a personal one for me. While working in corporate I was so driven by a need for acceptance and to be the go-to person that I found myself never saying no to incoming requests from co-workers and leaders. I was overworked, undervalued, and had a false sense of success. One day I received an amazing gift (now please realize it did not feel like a gift at that time) as my role was eliminated during a global corporate restructuring.

The gift was realized days and weeks later when I remembered a phrase I shared so frequently with others, “You are the CEO of your development”. I heard these words in a new light and realized I was destined for amazing experiences if I would just embrace the opportunity. This was NOT the end but rather a beautiful beginning. A great big door had opened for me and now, I was a CEO!

Ok, let me tie this back to the topic of growth and untapped potential. I was allowing misconceptions to stand in the way of my happiness and real success. These misconceptions kept me from taking risks, enjoying new experiences, and being my authentic self. I allowed fear of the unknown and fear of what others might think to hold me back. I have embraced these personal learnings and emerged stronger as I started my own consulting and coaching business in July 2020. The road has been a rocky one with the evolution of the pandemic and all development initiatives either canceled completely or transitioned to a virtual platform.

During this rocky road, I have embraced the opportunity to network, build strategic relationships, work on my own personal and professional development and settle into a new home- oh, did I forget to mention that we moved to a new city and state in early 2020? I have coached leaders 1:1, led mastermind groups, and have presented to several associations sharing these common misconceptions that can stand in our way and have realized a startling reality- my experience is not uncommon. Many of us are standing in our own way!

So, I will ask you, have you been held back by one or more of these obstacles?

These are all common obstacles standing in between you and the person you could be. Are you ready to UNLOCK your untapped potential?

The key is not a secret. The key is INTENTIONALITY. How will you choose to move forward? Will it be via accidental growth- just letting things happen around you? Or via intentional growth- making a conscious choice to inviteCHANGE into your life to be happier, aligned with your purpose and values while stepping into your best self?

If you are at a crossroads and this message is ringing true for you, I recommend “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” to begin your personal journey to intentional growth and unlocking your potential. If you prefer a more guided approach, please reach out to me for a complimentary 20-minute synergy call to understand how you can take the intentional path forward.

Lei Comerford, ACC

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