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Welcome! We are a community of coach practitioners with all levels of experience who share the same passion for coaching and how it improves the world. We hope our blog series provide you with deeper insights into our work and who we are. With each post, you may click on the the author’s name for profile and contact information. We will also have guest bloggers from the coaching industry and from industries served by coaches to provide you with additional perspectives and insights.

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CEO Corner - December 2022

by Janet M. Harvey, MCC | Nov 28, 2022

We’re so grateful for our community, and we want to wrap up the year with a special message from our CEO, Janet M. Harvey, who reflects on the ways we have created a positive ripple that helps shape a world where people love their life's work.

Janet says: "We all rise by lifting others, and that's a deliberate choice to invite change. Thank you for your faith in our work, and through it, your choice to invite change through a positive ripple."

We are excited to keep inviting change and disrupting our thinking deliberately in 2023!

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Do Your Patterns Serve Your Clients?

by Christine DelPrete, ACC | Oct 31, 2022

All good coaches watch for the patterns that want to emerge and take control of the here and now.

Have you ever noticed a pattern in your life - or in your coaching practice - that shows up again and again? Maybe it is a pattern that is not serving you or your client.

In this blog, Christine Delprete, ACC relays her experience with a particular habit she noticed that wasn't serving her clients. She reflects on the ways she keeps present with her clients so she can focus on coaching and stay out of problem-solving.

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