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Are You Willing to be Disturbed?

by Janet Harvey, MCC | August 21, 2018

One of my favorite authors and teachers about human development and leading is Margaret Wheatley. This timeless essay about learning through relationships with people that disturb us serves a second purpose.

What is empowering and useful about a coaching partnership is that clients enjoy the psychological safety required for vulnerability. We create an environment in which clients are willing to be disturbed by their own choices and mindset. Being comfortable in the discomfort is what initiates breakdown for breakthrough from the inside out.  

Becoming a coach who is confident to engage in this way begins with self-development

Are you willing to be disturbed? If you answer yes, becoming a credentialed coach is a career path for you. 

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Do the Right Things Well

by Janet Harvey, MCC | August 15, 2018

Timeless words applied to the business world by management guru Peter Drucker showed up in the WSJ today with the headline, “The Key Factor Driving a Company’s Results: Its People.” What continues to puzzle me, a practitioner in the human development field for nearly 30 years, is that this is idea is neither new or novel and yet continues to be dismissed from the Board Room to the front line.  What is it that makes attention to the workforce the last rather than the first priority when all of the evidence points to vastly superior and sustained performance for the few companies that excel in employee engagement and development

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Reactivity To Thoughtfulness- A Corporate Manager’s Journey

by Sharmin Banu, PCC | August 13, 2018

“He doesn’t work well with others.”

“He has issues dealing with bad news.”

“He is a star performer, but he is lacking executive presence.” 

These are some of the typical “pain points” I have seen when organizations hire coaches for their mid-managers. Organizations often spend a lot of time, energy and money on the symptoms, throw expensive training with very little sustainable impact. My experience says these are mostly symptoms. A coach approach can help address those underlying issues.

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