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Gratitude for inviteCHANGE Coach Certification Students and Alumni

inviteCHANGE Relationship Advisor, Laurie Johnson, PCC shares her gratitude for our current students and alumni. Read her celebration of gratitude for our students and learn how to stay connected with inviteCHANGE!

Gratitude for inviteCHANGE Coach Certification Students and Alumni

As we approach Thanksgiving, a lot of us think about gratitude in the month of November. It seems a natural rhythm for many people is to engage in 30 days of Gratitude practices to reflect on various areas of their lives that have had a significant impact.

For me, regular gratitude practice has been a part of my morning journaling for over 15 years. I take a few moments to check in on what’s happened recently or what comes to mind in the moment that I am noticing as noteworthy. I choose to engage in this activity at the end of my journaling time as an intentional closing for my daily internal reflection.

A regular expression of my thanks has significantly changed my life in so many ways that I may not have realized when I first began. And I now know there are proven benefits discovered by neuroscientists and psychologists in numerous studies.

1 – Gratitude opens the door to deeper and more fulfilling relationships

2 – Gratitude improves your physical health

3 – Gratitude increases happiness (and decreases depression)

4 – Gratitude enhances empathy and reduces aggression

5 – Grateful people sleep better

6 – Gratitude improves self-esteem

7 – Gratitude increases mental strength, which equates to a high degree of resiliency after trauma.

Studies following September 11th show that gratitude was a major contributor to resilience. Imagine then how beneficial a regular gratitude practice can be during these very challenging times!

2020 has been the “Year of No Return” as spoken and written about by our CEO, Janet M. Harvey, MCC. How was I impacted by this challenging year? I was blessed to meet prospective students from an even wider range of ages, geography, organizations, heritage, culture, and a greater awareness of what coaching is and can be in the world. We had more cohorts in 2020 than in any previous year of inviteCHANGE. What does this say about our world and our profession? I believe it’s a reflection of the power of coaching to bring understanding and humanity to our world in any and all challenges, chaos, and uncertainty.

As a Relationship Advisor and Delivery Leader here at inviteCHANGE, I am forever and profoundly grateful for the growth and development I have received as a team member and a participant in learning and coach development. Even more, I am grateful for all of the amazing coaches I have had the pleasure of meeting and interacting within so many ways. Let me take this opportunity to express my sincere and lasting thanks to everyone on this journey who has touched my life in remarkable ways.

A special shout out to the students who graciously created a testimonial video for our YouTube channel in 2020. Here’s the list for your viewing!

Some ways to continue to stay connected include:

  1. Joining the Facebook inviteCHANGE Mastermind Group. We are looking for a volunteer to lead this page, so contact me if that interests you for 2021.
  2. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. There are coaching demonstrations for ACC, PCC and MCC as well as content for a whole host of real-life challenges. We welcome your suggestions.
  3. Follow our LinkedIn page. Feel free to send along a blog, credential update, event, workshop or webinar announcement to us so we can repost and expand the celebration!
  4. Like our Facebook page and scroll through for resources. There are many recordings including Janet and Sarah’s webinar on Authentic Self-Presence (coming up again in late March 2021)
  5. Let us know what’s going on in your world and we’ll support you in any way we can. Spreading the word of coaching, coaches, and inviting change is what we’re about.
Laurie Johnson, PCC

Laurie Johnson is the CEO of 4 Elements Coaching and part of the team of coaching industry professionals at inviteCHANGE.
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