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inviteCHANGE Blog

Welcome! We are a community of coach practitioners with all levels of experience who share the same passion for coaching and how it improves the world. We hope our blog series provide you with deeper insights into our work and who we are. With each post, you may click on the the author’s name for profile and contact information. We will also have guest bloggers from the coaching industry and from industries served by coaches to provide you with additional perspectives and insights.

Keep on the lookout for upcoming posts from our team ~ if you have any comments or are interested in guest blogging, please drop us a line at blog@invitechange.com. And thank you for joining us!

Embrace a Dynamic Livelihood with inviteCHANGE

by Janet M. Harvey, MCC | Feb 22, 2024

In a world where the only constant is change, the art of leadership is undergoing a profound transformation. As we navigate the complexities of modern-day challenges, the traditional paradigms of leading no longer suffice. It's a moment calling not for mere adaptation but for a radical reimagining of what it means to lead. This is where inviteCHANGE emerges as a beacon of evolution and empowerment. Dive into our philosophy of nurturing inherent leadership in everyone, and discover how inviteCHANGE is redefining excellence through empowerment, authenticity, and a transformative approach to personal and professional development. Welcome to a journey of introspection, innovation, and impact—a journey to becoming the intuitive leader within.

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Embracing Archetypes Beyond Pop Culture's Superficial Gaze

by Laurence Hillman, PhD | Feb 15, 2024

All humans have an innate urge to understand themselves and discover why they are the way they are. It's becoming more popular nowadays to embrace archetypes as a way of understanding and labeling yourself to create belonging. More and more people are beginning to ask the question “what is my archetype?”. Yet, in most cases where archetypes appear in popular culture their key gift to making sense of the world is missed. The problem of archetypes the way they are usually presented in contemporary culture: rather than using archetypes to describe what we all share as members of the human family, archetypes are used as a way to distinguish ourselves from others.

In a world of quick fixes and easy answers, thinking of ourselves as multiple inside, with many different voices is not easy and takes practice. This blog tells you how you can start.

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CEO Corner - February Newsletter 2024

by Janet M. Harvey, MCC | Jan 31, 2024

Have you ever wondered what drives our innate desire for control? It seems to be deeply ingrained within us, rooted in our DNA and spanning generations. However, as we encounter the refusal of the uncontrollable to comply, such as viruses and natural disasters, a shift in belief becomes essential. Though easier said than done, the foundation of this shift lies within our capacity for intention.

Read on to explore how you can use the power of choice to declare intention and allow that shift to infuse how you pay attention to everyday choices.

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