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Improve Your Cross-Functional Team and Be at Work... Better than Before!

The Answer: What are Cross-Functional Teams?

The Jeopardy Category: 21st Century Business

The Clue: A Change in the Workplace that’s driving the Team Coaching trend upwards.

75% of all cross-functional teams fail (HBR, 2015).

"Cross-functional teams often fail because the organization lacks a systemic approach. Teams are hurt by unclear governance, by a lack of accountability, by goals that lack specificity, and by organizations’ failure to prioritize the success of cross-functional projects." - HBR, 2015

We don’t find this news discouraging—to us, it’s a huge opportunity for
Being at Work….better than before

When we took Generative Team Coaching, one of the coaching tools we were introduced to was the Sovereignty model.

Sovereignty Model

Before the first session with a team or teams is set, we learned how to meet with the senior leadership to identify the team’s purpose and scope, the authority granted and the level of accountability defined. There have been times when the leaders were unclear on goals and there was no clarity on the priority for the project. We did not schedule the team coaching session until each and every one of these elements was identified and measurements listed and prioritized.

Having an accountable leader from start to finish is a key to success. Group agreements from the very start mitigate the predictable behaviors that derail teams. For instance, a common shortcoming is missing meetings. Recently Lyne coached a team where one of their group agreements was “being fully present and showing up, no matter what.” No one wanted to miss a meeting—that agreement provided motivation, inspiration, and accountability.

Another element that sparks success is the clarity of goals, resources, and timetables. While each of these needs to be lined up prior to the onset, identifying the shared purpose of the team contributes to greater ownership, meaning, and deepens satisfaction in the project.

Spending time in the beginning with the sovereignty model creates a solid foundation for what the organization and the team want to build and create. As inviteCHANGE team coaches, we activate generativity with the team by originating group agreements, creating shared purpose, and learning how to best team together by showing up and keeping the group agreements. This dynamic capacity produces the best results and
ensures a successful outcome.

The Generative Team Coaching program has changed our coaching business and future trajectory. The uncertainty we once felt being with senior leadership has disappeared and has been replaced with confidence in the inviteCHANGE Generative Coaching for Teams. The opportunities to contract with enterprises have grown and will continue to do so.

This next round of GTC has the highest rigor since inviteCHANGE started. If you haven’t taken the program, now is most certainly the time. Teaming is currently over 50% of the output from organizations. Cross-functional teams are essential for the “failing faster” concept and leveraging time, yet they are struggling mightily. Bringing Generative Wholeness to teams in
combination with the ICF Team Core Competencies is more compelling and exciting than ever!

“An intriguing paradox with collaboration is that the best solutions arise out of the ingredients as they are mixed together and are not available without surrendering attachment to any one point of view…..Their shared purpose, when fully embraced, allows all voices to transcend the individual need for credit in favor of what best serves the collective—the team, the organization, and their customers.” - Janet M. Harvey, Chapter 8, Invite Change: Lessons from 2020 The Year of No Return

By Lyne Tumlinson, PCC & Sarah Graves, PCC

Sarah Graves, PCC

Sarah passionately and practically pursues the development of leaders through intentional, organic growth. She emboldens leaders to create an environment where management is expansive, willing to move with agility beyond comfort zones, and to champion the individual and collective genius within the organization. With teams in transition she inspires connection, realignment and forward progress within the awkward movements of the changing landscape. Her belief is that coaching is as essential an element for an organization as the product or service the company produces. “An employee who grows personally, grows professionally” and coaching seeds growth.
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