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CEO Corner - May 2023 Newsletter

In this month's newsletter, Janet reflects on some of the recent opportunities to connect with many incredible leaders and coaches that has her feeling enlivened.

Check out the amazing resources she has in store for you this month that will enliven your choice to seek harmony - whatever that means for you!

“They fear love because it creates a world they can’t control.” - George Orwell 1984

April showers bring May flowers rings in my head, hearing my Mother's voice when I wanted Spring sunshine and warmth to arrive closer to the Equinox. In my childhood mind and heart, I could control Mother Nature. As an adult, I realize how futile the idea of controlling anything has always been. Now I notice that to seek harmony in my life requires loving stillness so that I hear, perceive, and appreciate the many sources available to navigate life. What I do have is the choice for gratitude in all things. I've been learning a lot from two close friends who were recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. In the words of Michael J. Fox, whose bravery and generosity may just be generating breakthroughs for Parkinson's disease, "With gratitude, optimism is sustainable." Had he chosen conformity with the day's science or invested his wealth in some other endeavor less focused on human suffering from this disease, his contributions that empowered Parkinson's research would not have reached beyond that one disease. The landmark Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative launched in 2010 has changed how research occurs and what scientists know about the brain. Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention are all incorporated into this generative approach.

The Vanguard Conversation Series, co-hosted with Choice Magazine Editor-in-Chief Garry Schleifer, resumes with our third session in June on Friday the 2nd ~ Register here. We explore the following tension of presence our research identified as typical across cultures, industries, and any leader identity, including parenting, educators, and politicians. This one is called Contribution and Conformity, and a visionary global leader, Magdalena Nowicka Mook will join us. She will share how she solved a thorny problem using our Generative Vehicle for Change and offer an opportunity for you to practice and ask questions about this technique when applied to your thorny problem.

We have one more resource available too. Be sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to get our video released on 4/17, where I share a client story applying the techniques with the executive leader in charge of a post-acquisition, thorny problem in rebranding offices in France, China, and the US. Also, based on our work with the America Red Cross, another story demonstrates how they solved a thorny problem about the tension between Conformity and Contribution. That video will be released on our YouTube channel in May to give you a warmup for our next live session.

The first step in any tension of presence is noticing what we failed to notice before something became a thorny problem. Conformity with the status quo, historical standards, and traditions ultimately limits both visions for new possibilities and anticipation of the impact of our ever-changing circumstances and context. When we fail to see and acknowledge the truth of what is happening – by tuning it out, ignoring different points of view and options, and failing to dig into the data necessary to be discerning – it backfires by keeping us from contributing from our whole selves to meet the evolutionary change occurring. Learning to notice sooner and have reflection practices to sit in the discomfort of tension a little longer is the path to satisfying resolutions to thorny problems.

As a fearless champion, Michael J. Fox, and the clinical researchers at his Foundation, embody the energy of Warriors and Explorers who responsibly disrupt to awaken their Strategist and Sovereign energies. What am I talking about here? Fulfill your curiosity with this short video to learn about our newest solution, Archetypes At Work™ , a revolutionary way to be fit for the future.

I close the month of April with deep gratitude for many different experiences, each enlivening me, and I have a confident expectation that several will invigorate you too! First, my good friend and an inviteCHANGE graduate in our advanced development program, Certification for Mentor Coaching, graciously invited me to contribute a chapter about Generative Wholeness™ in his anthology, celebrating ten years for his company, Coachayra. Find the first copy of the book, Reflections on Coaching: An Anthology, here; joinus on CoachNook. I also enjoyed a wonderful experience being with Laurel Elders, MCC, and Kristen Truman-Allen, PCC, who lead the Institute for Integrative Intelligence and offered me the great blessing of sharing my passion for living personally sovereign and how leaders and organizations benefit from Generative Wholeness™. Enjoy! And last and not least was a YouTube Live session with a new offer from colleagues in Turkey, Coach Magazine Global, where host Seda Tekeci and I explored how Generative Wholeness™ came into being through my work with executive leaders over the past 27 years.

Keep loving your life’s work throughout May and beyond!


Janet M. Harvey, MCC

Experienced with individuals at the Board of Directors, “C” Chair, Executive and Senior Management levels, Janet assists executives in adopting effective habits of perception and behavior to lead and accelerate corporate strategies. Typical engagements address executive development in the following areas: articulate and inspire through clarity of vision, enable respectful challenge, debate and catalyze synergy for strategic business choices, risk/reward critical thinking about investments and shareholder value, plan leader succession and architect sustainable cultural/strategic change.
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