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What do you need to learn so you can LEAD from anywhere?

Engagement is the new productivity. WFH is the new norm, creating hybrid strategies that require new ways of leading – new ways of being together. inviteCHANGE is the team that can help you move through the change to create a new safe, trusting way of leading – from anywhere your work takes you. Don’t wait -Change is now!

"Work From Anywhere" has become the new normal. Leaders are aware that their organizations need new ways of leading, but what are those ways?

What do you need to learn so you can LEAD from anywhere?

Let’s look at what’s in the workspace:

Now let’s do self-observation—what’s going on inside of you and your team?

If you let this dysfunction continue due to current circumstances, what could be lost?

At inviteCHANGE, we know that it is impossible to change out an engine while the airplane is in flight.

Change takes purposeful, intentional interactions, and choices by you - the leader. The first choice starts with finding a credible partner for personal and professional growth.

inviteCHANGE is your credible partner.

From the very start of the pandemic, Generative Wholeness practitioners have been coaching leaders (many on the front line in healthcare) to quickly adapt and implement processes that support people as they’re changing to meet customer needs. While we are not changing out the engine, we are refueling to keep the trajectory in place, with an eye on team climate and culture in the days and weeks ahead.

Our process works. Get started today!

What you’ve done so far has landed you here today—survival. What your future holds is based on the wise choices you make going forward—thriving.

You can either manage frustration, confusion, isolation, and fear or choose clarity, connection, and courage.

What’s your “…better than before?”

Sarah Graves, PCC

Sarah passionately and practically pursues the development of leaders through intentional, organic growth. She emboldens leaders to create an environment where management is expansive, willing to move with agility beyond comfort zones, and to champion the individual and collective genius within the organization. With teams in transition she inspires connection, realignment and forward progress within the awkward movements of the changing landscape. Her belief is that coaching is as essential an element for an organization as the product or service the company produces. “An employee who grows personally, grows professionally” and coaching seeds growth.
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