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Series 1: Creating Your Media Kit and Speaker One Sheet

We are excited to bring you the first article in our series of 5, designed to share best practices and resources which enhance your abilities to attract quality clients and build a solid foundation for your personal and company brand.

inviteCHANGE Coaching Series ~ 5 Best Practices Every Coach Needs to Attract More Clients

Establishing a Differentiation

What are you doing to build and maintain your personal branded imagery? As your business grows, so do the opportunities to share a message and best practices in a public forum. It is common practice for meeting planners, nonprofit board members, event coordinators, and corporate marketing and human resource executives to seek out and select speakers for a variety of functions. With such an endless stream of speakers available in our industry, your printed and digital collateral content and subject matter can be the deciding factor when decisions are made to secure their speaker. It is of significant importance for you to establish at least 3 primary keynote speeches with interesting, distinct, and relevant subject matter. A general headline is not going to draw attention. As an example, if you have a signature talk in the area of team building, a headline such as: The Importance of Teambuilding, will not catch as much attention as: How to Guard Against Turf Wars.

Take your time creating keynote titles and just as you would edit a resume for a specific job position, consider offering to customize your keynote title to match the needs of your audience. The more flexible and interested a speaker is for the opportunity ahead, the best the chances for consideration.

Keynote Collateral

Designing a 3-talk keynote collateral flyer allows a speaker to communicate specific concepts and philosophies to an organization looking to attract just the right speaker for their event. We’ve provided a basic example of a keynote layout document. There are endless layouts to choose from with even a simple search on Google. A keynote collateral piece typically recaps the following information: Speaker Name, Logo, Headshot, 3-talk keynote titles including subtitles and a brief paragraph overview of the speech and the take-away learnings, contact information, and recent testimonials with name of person and company association. A common size for the keynote collateral piece is a standard flyer size of 8.5x11. This flyer can be printed and used as a standalone piece or as part of a larger media kit. Known as a “one sheet” this is the document requested by most clients and used as part of their speaker vetting and approval process. Consider having a small supply of your one sheet, professional printed for face to face interactions as well as a PDF to be sent digitally. Be sure to upload the keynote one sheet to your LinkedIn profile, your website, and all your social media platforms.


Difference between Media Kits and Speaker One Sheets

To understand the difference between a speaker one sheet and a media kit, it is important to explain the purpose for each collateral piece. The purpose for a one sheet is to deliver the talk points and value you will have to the targeted audience for a specific speech. A media kit on the other hand, is for publicity purposes such as; radio spots, television interviews, high level clients requesting information, magazines, newspapers, and media outlets in general. A media kit helps tell your whole story and paint a deeper picture other than a simple one sheet collateral flyer. Elements included in a media kit are:

A media kit can be in digital form and sent as a file, but it is recommended you also have a limited supply of all collateral pieces in print form as media outlets may request. Think about the opportunity at hand and evaluate if you would make a notable lasting impression if your media kit was printed rather than sent digitally. All the materials discussed should be placed in a folder (preferably custom printed with your logo). First impressions count!

Barbara Gobbi