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Enterprise Solutions

Learning and Leading with Generative Wholeness™

Only inviteCHANGE delivers Generative Wholeness™ as the foundation for Enterprise development and performance. Expert in online delivery, all solutions scale learning in enterprises and provide individual learners with an on-demand resource for just in time problem solving.

The point is not to become a leader. The point is to become yourself, and to use yourself completely -- all your gifts and skills and energies -- to make your vision manifest. You must withhold nothing.

Warren Bennis

Build Coaching Capability

Scalable learning programs are available for enterprise-wide delivery, both in live video delivery, in-person, and on demand through our Learning Cloud. For progressive levels of development, solutions are aligned with your key business challenges to help you improve leadership skills.

Join a collegial environment that welcomes vulnerability and experimentation that inspires and manifest artful authenticity.


Principles of Generative Conversation >

Lead, Model & Empower Generativity in Your Workplace

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Invite Generative Conversation >

Transform daily conversation into generative relationship building.

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Lead By Authentic Self Presence >

Elevate Your Thinking by Evolving Your Mindset

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Coach Centered Culture Blueprint >

Thriving Workplace Climate That Puts People First

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Being Generative Professional Coaches >

Our Signature Program for Internal Coach Training

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Engage A Coach

A generative mindset and coaching skill set is one that may be adopted by anyone, to raise the quality and impact of every daily conversation. When combined with character development, leading becomes a passion that fulfills any size aspiration for self and others.

A question for all leaders to explore how to invite change is this: What are your habits and behaviors as a leader that imprison your authentic self and source of vitality and sovereignty?


Accelerate and Scale Coaching >

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Generative Character Development Coaching >

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Generative Coaching for Individuals >

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Generative Coaching for Teams >

A generative approach for teams to align on shared purpose and shift their mindset to optimize contribution.

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For every $1 invested in human capital, $11.39 is added to GDP*

* Science of Leadership reported in HBR blog 9/12/16 by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, faculty Columbia.

A Thriving Workplace Climate Puts People First

BE: Leaders practicing a generative approach to be original, creative learners who produce positive change in the world.

CHOOSE: Authentic individuals who initiate competitive advantages through bold engagement that unleashes potential.

CAUSE: Leaders continuously evolve culture that strengthens sustainable excellence in teams and organizations.

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Download our industry paper, “What Employees Want Today and Why It Matters”


Agile Delivery Solutions

inviteCHANGE has a 20+ year track record providing robust and dynamic learning experiences tailored to your needs. You receive customized solutions via online video conferencing, in person, or in combination.

Our focus for you is clear: to accelerate adoption of more effective methods of management and leadership and to better align your teams across the enterprise.

A healthy workplace climate in which employees thrive requires leaders to give constant attention to your people.

Janet M. Harvey
CEO & President

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