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Leader & Team Development

Accelerate and Scale Coaching

Translate Learning into 10X Productivity Gain

Enterprise Solutoins Accelerate and Scale Coaching

Only exposing leaders to skills and knowledge in training programs does not sufficiently strengthen leader capability for the future, nor unleash the potential in a leader’s team. Research confirms that learning plus coaching increases return on investment by 60%.

Immediate coaching that focuses on the overall climate desired in a team and across the enterprise, delivers immediate and relevant application of new capacity to anticipate and adapt to change. Accelerate adoption of skills and productivity improvement quickly follows. 

Pursuit of new strategies and being agile with industry disruption demand that leaders develop three qualities: awareness, whole-person balance, and confidence to spontaneously shift how they show up. Central to a leader’s internal mindset, adoption of these three qualities may be accelerate through effective and generative coaching.


  • Leaders who seek to accelerate productivity increases following a learning experience through coaching that supports the mindset shifts essential to fully adopt and integrate skills-based learning as new, more effective habits.

  • Leaders at any level engaged in a skills development program designed to expand capability within role, and navigate change and uncertainty confidently, individually, and with peers and team members.

Outcomes of the Experience

Your leader candidate:

  • Breaks through resistance to replacing comfortable habits with new approaches

  • Focuses coaching on role-relevant topics that use the new skills to increase consistency, confidence, and engagement with others.

  • Practices skills with peers and direct reports to receive timely feedback about developing strengths and how to strengthen continuously.

  • Chooses their partner through an on-demand portal of coaches to enjoy engaging with an ICF certified coach who is also a peer business leader.

  • Accesses a password-protected dashboard for scheduling, materials access, and private online meeting room links to use throughout the coaching period.

  • Guides the coaching session content through a co-created development plan to produce meaningful development applied immediately on the job.


Standard 3 Month Engagement

  • 5 total hours of scheduled coaching sessions
  • Live virtual; onsite by request

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Adaptive Solutions

inviteCHANGE has a 25+ year track record providing robust, generative learning and coaching experiences tailored to the development you desire . You receive customized solutions via online video conferencing, in person experiences, or a combination, optimizing your time and creating immediate value to your business goals.

Our focus for you is clear: to accelerate adoption of more effective methods to manage and lead yourself that better aligns your engagement with teams across the enterprise.

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