Archetypes at Work™

Archetypal Preferences™ Report (APR) Certification Training

At a Glance

  • Three 4-hour live sessions
  • Delivered via live video for convenience, privacy and recording
  • $619 total for live sessions and 2 APR report tokens
  • APR report required pre-requisite (included in cost)

Upcoming Sessions

Archetypal Preferences™ Report Debrief Certification
Sep 26, 2022–Sep 30, 2022

Archetypes at Work™ is excited to present its new instrument, the Archetypal Preferences™ Report or APR.

The APR is a state-of-the-art assessment tool. Designed as a powerful and supporting instrument for anyone who works in human development, the APR is a new resource for coaching, consulting, the helping professions and especially leadership development. This course prepares you for 1:1 debriefs using the APR with your clients.

The APR is a based on a unique combination of archetypal and developmental psychology and offers professionals a unique set of tools to understand any situation and clarify effective paths for improved performance.

The APR activates a highly creative response in clients that positively influences their life and work—even those clients who believe they have seen it all.

What is Archetypes at Work™?

The APR is one of several tools offered to practitioners of the Archetypes at Work™ cutting-edge method to assess and develop people and organizations to become fit for the future. The APR Certification Training is an absorbing gateway to ongoing coaching sessions with clients.

Completing this module and successfully submitting a video of a practice debrief to demonstrate your comprehension of the material, qualifies you to become an Archetypes at Work™ Certified Debriefer.

Archetype Preferences Debrief Report TM

About the APR Curriculum

Session 1: From original theory to practical application

  • Archetypal theory
  • Theory applied: Archetypes at Work™
  • Assessing personality
  • Understanding the APR
  • Working with clients
  • Required take-home Mini Quiz 1 at end of session must be submitted

Session 2: Working with client responses

  • Preparing yourself for a debrief
  • Navigating client responses
  • How to respond to 7 different scenarios
  • Practice in break-out groups
  • Required take-home Mini Quiz 2 at end of session must be submitted

Session 3: Practice working with the APR

  • Debrief protocol
  • Demo debrief by instructor
  • Student demo debrief
  • Group exercises
  • Proper use of the Archetypes at Work™ mark
  • Extensive Q&A

Final: Submitting qualifying exam for certification

  • Participant submits a video of a conducted APR Debrief
  • After review and approval, certificate is sent to participant

(NOTE: being an Archetypes at Work™ Certified Debriefer is not the same as being an Archetypes at Work™ Guild Member. For the latter you need to successfully complete all four modules of our training and submit a final written essay. The APR Certification Training is one of those four modules and can be taken before, during or after the longer training process).

Product Details

$619 for the 12 hours of APR Debrief training and APR report tokens (emailed with registration confirmation) for you and a client.

Led by Adjunct Faculty Member:
Laurence Hillman, PhD.

Laurence Hillman Archetypes At Work

Archetypal Preferences™ Report Debrief Certification September 2022

Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

Sep 26, 2022–Sep 30, 2022

9/26, 9/28 and 9/30 from 10AM-2PM US Eastern

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