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Archetypes at Work™

Guild of Practitioners

At a Glance

  • Evaluated written 800-word essay
  • Existing experience as a practitioner or a professional
  • Annual membership fee: $279 USD (as of 2022. Subject to change)
Archetype Preferences Debrief Report TM

The Archetypes at Work™ Guild is a community of practice to learn and apply a new, cutting-edge method proven with enterprise leaders and teams. The Guild encompasses a network for the larger Archetypes at Work™ community as well as specific and advanced training for Coaching, Facilitation and Consultancy in the Archetypes at Work™ method.

The Guild is open to those seeking to further their professional development by becoming a Guild Member. Guild application is open to you if you are a professional who works with people, especially a coach, consultant or HR specialist.

Access to the resources of the Guild supports your ongoing personal and professional development. It also enables you to stay connected with others in your field, updated on cutting edge archetypal research, as well as the opportunity to attend online or in-person Labs and work with co-founders Laurence Hillman and Richard Olivier.

Join the Guild to become the practitioner of a new method of culture change and leadership development that is a mix of ancient wisdom and modern systemic theory and practice. Engage with a like-minded membership focused on the source for embodied transformation through adopting an archetypal eye and a voice for self and others. Have the opportunity to co-innovate through collaboration on new products and solutions to showcase the positive influence of archetypal leading and living

Pathway to becoming an Archetypes at WorkGuild Member

  • You are already a qualifying professional in your field (for instance, but not limited to, coach, consultant, therapist, astrologer etc.)
  • Completed Online Immersion workshop with attendance in at least 8 Archetypes.
  • Minimum 3 Practitioner Trainings: APR DebriefFacilitation, and Coaching
  • Evaluated written 800-word assessment

Guild Membership & Certification

Once evaluated and approved by senior Guild Members, you become a Certified Archetypes at Work™ Guild Member with all its privileges and obligations. You will be listed with your credentials and training as a member in good standing of the Archetypes at Work™ Guild of Practitioners as long as you maintain the expected quality of the work and as long as you are current in your membership fees. 

Continuing Education

In the future you will be required to participate in annual professional development so that you are up to date with the latest in the Archetypes at Work™ method.


Being a member in good standing licenses you by Archetypes at Work™ to use the work and the trademark in your practice. You will be required to sign the Archetypes at Work™ Guild Licensing Agreement upon joining.

    Guild Details and Registration

    Guild Pathway Cost and Benefits

    • Cost
    • $5,975 plus 1st year of Annual Membership free (13.5% discount) for all 4 learning programs:
    • After completion, annual Membership fee: $279 USD (as of 2022. Subject to change)
    • Benefits of Guild Membership
    • Certified as a member of the Archetypes at Work™ Guild of Practitioners
    • Listed on the Archetypes at Work™ website
    • Discount on products, resources and merchandise (20%)
    • Regular meetings online with other Guild Members and our thought leaders to develop a community of practice
    • Access to continuing education and professional development and support
    • Access to our Archetypes at Work™ team of associates to co-facilitate your work*
    • Support from our team when negotiating contracts and setting up client programs*

    *subject to agreement and costs

    Attendance expectations: Full attendance in each session is expected. You will not be permitted to join more than 15 minutes late, and you will not be permitted to rejoin if you drop off the session early.

    Archetypes at Work™ Guild Pathway Cohort 7

    Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

    Jun 20, 2023–Jul 4, 2024

    All program dates (US Eastern timezone) currently open for enrollment:
    Archetypal Preferences™ Report Debrief Certification - CHOOSE 1
    - SUMMER: June 20th and 22nd, 9am - 1pm and 9am - 11am
    - FALL: September 11th and 13th, 9am - 1pm and 9am - 11am
    More dates available HERE
    Archetypal Development Online Immersion
    COHORT 8: October 5 - December 14, Thursdays, 9am-2pm (exception: Tuesday 11/21)
    Facilitation Training for Archetypes at Work™
    COHORT 8: January 16 - 30, 2024, Tuesdays, 9am - 2pm
    Archetypal Coaching Training
    COHORT 8: February 13 - March 19, 2024, Tuesdays, 9am - 1pm

    Let's Get Started

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