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Archetypes at Work™

Archetypal Development Online Immersion

At a Glance

  • Eleven 5-hour live sessions
  • Delivered via live video for convenience, privacy and recording
  • $3575 USD
  • Part 2 of 4 part pathway to The Guild.
  • Alternatively, you can register for single sessions.

Empowering you to unlock your full potential

A unique experiential online course that teaches you to identify and access the different “inner characters” that show up in your life. You will learn how to consciously access these to maximize their positive impact.

Using the 10 Archetypes in the Archetypes at Work™ method, discover enhanced agility and increased resilience—especially important in our current challenging times.

We use a model of 4 Dimensions that gives you access to each Archetype with the Mind, Heart, Body and Imagination, leading to integrated and life-long learning.

This course is interactive and experiential by design. We combine Thought Leader input and imagery with exercises and multiple co-coaching break-outs so that you live each archetypal energy from the inside-out. We use powerful Mythodramatic techniques that have been developed and honed for over 25 years to enable you to act-in your desired future.


Who Is It For?

  • Professional and personal development practitioners, coaches and mentors seeking a coherent frame to understand individuals and systems
  • Those looking to understand how to motivate, engage and inspire others
  • Those wanting to develop the tools to make their lives and work more 'future-fit'
  • Organizations wanting to foster a positive and proactive working environment

This immersion is designed for those already practicing as Human Development Professionals, and wish to become Guild Members and/or incorporate Archetypes into their practice: Coaches, Consultants, Educators, Trainers, Human Resources/Talent Management, Therapists, Social Workers, etc.

Impact of This Program

  • Develop individuals and teams, using a proven methodology based on performance psychology
  • Expand your repertoire to become more versatile and effective
  • Understand yourself and others in a profound way - recognize gifts, honor diversity and mitigate ‘shadow’ behavior
  • Maximize abilities to motivate and inspire action within projects and teams

The Immersion Curriculum

Session 1

Icon Name Sovereign PNG

Vision and Purpose—becoming visible and authentic with passion

    Session 2

    Icon Name Strategist PNG

    Structure and Mastery—organizing your life and projects

    Session 3

    Icon Name Nurturer PNG

    Care and Empathy—listening and connecting to self and others

    Session 4

    Icon Name Lover PNG

    Desire and Beauty—appreciation and intimacy for a passionate life

      Session 5

      Icon Name Dreamer PNG

      Imagination and Inspiration—intuiting and sourcing future possibilities

      Session 6

      Icon Name Storyteller PNG

      Communication and Synthesis—connecting ideas and creating narrative

        Session 7

        Icon Name Renegade PNG

        Invention and Disruption—innovating the radical new, beyond the norm

        Session 8

        Icon Name Transformer PNG

        Mystery and Regeneration—life, death and rebirth for deep change

        Session 9

        Icon Name Warrior PNG

        Challenge and Defense—hitting the target and getting things done

        Session 10

        Icon Name Explorer PNG

        Adventure and Truth—the quest for new learning, experience and reach

        Session 11

        • Summary, debriefing and Q&A
        • Co-coaching to create a personal archetypal development plan

        Meet Our Delivery Leaders

        Led by Adjunct Faculty Members:

        Details and Enrollment


        $3575 for all 11 sessions, 55 hours total.

        1x Online Session Per Week for 11 Weeks
        (10 Archetype sessions, plus an additional Integration/Wrap-up Session)

        Attendance expectations: Full attendance in each session is expected. You will not be permitted to join more than 15 minutes late, and you will not be permitted to rejoin if you drop off the session early.

        A limited number of individual weekly sessions are available at the cost of $500.

        Credit Hours: These programs are not formally ICF Accredited CCE hours, however, they can be used towards Resource Development hours in renewal.

        Archetypal Development Online Immersion Cohort 9

        Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

        Sep 26, 2024–Dec 12, 2024

        Session 1: Sovereign - 26th September
        Session 2: Strategist - 3rd October
        Session 3; Nurturer - 10th October
        Session 4: Lover - 17th October
        Session 5: Dreamer - 24th October
        Session 6: Storyteller - 31st October
        Session 7: Renegade - 7th November
        Session 8: Transformer - 14th November
        Session 9: Warrior - 21st November
        - No class 28 November due to US holiday
        Session 10: Explorer - 5th December
        Session 11: Integration and Wrap-up - 12th December

        All sessions Thursdays, from 9am-2pm US Eastern. Please see attendance expectations under tuition details.

        Let's Get Started

        CALL US TODAY at 877-228-2622 x205 or EMAIL US

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