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Michael Boyle

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Michael Boyle is a Founding Partner at Olivier Mythodrama with over 20 year’s experience of bringing archetypes, poetry, theatre and myth to leadership teams and business schools across the world.

Michael Boyle

He is Director of Coaching and Coaching Training and Senior Programme Leader for Archetypes at Work™, drawing on extensive experience of transformational process, including Gestalt, shadow work and systemic constellations. Michael is a founding member of the Archetypes at Work™ Guild of Practitioners and is certified to debrief Archetypal Preference Reports.

He is the Founder of Abandofbrothers, a UK charity providing rites of passage experiences and local mentors for disaffected youth.

He has studied at The Institute of Group Analysis and has an MA in psychotherapy from Regents College, London.

His work today is at the leading edge of bringing depth psychology to the evolution of professional excellence and authentic leadership.